Vivaldi One Stuck in 48kHz Clock after playing MQA using M1 Filter

Using the M1 filter for Tidal MQA recordings played through Roon, the W2 filter sometimes gets “stuck” afterwards and the Vivaldi Network input will not play 44kHz files as it remains stuck in W2 Vivaldi Clock input. Example: Orff’s Carmina Burana, Shanghai Symphony, recent DG release, Tidal MQA version.

Re-cycling through the Vivaldi’s Inputs does not work; neither does rebooting the Vivaldi and the Clock. The Mosaic App correctly shows “Automatic” Clock setting originally chosen during setup of the Vivaldi, but selecting Clock 1 on it is not allowed when Vivaldi gets stuck in 48kHz, as the App immediately returns to the Automatic clock setting. The only solution is to disconnect the Clock 2 BNC cable from the Vivaldi’s rear-plate input, then reconnect it.

How can this issue be prevented? I suspect a software issue in need of software update.


Hi @charau,

I received copies of your logs from your dealer and it would appear that Airplay is the source in use when you’re experiencing problems. The only other source in use is Spotify, but since you specifically mentioned Roon and Tidal I’m assuming that your Roon core has gotten mis-configured and you’re performing playback using AirPlay instead of Roon’s native protocol.

You should be hearing from your dealer in the morning with an offer of assistance, but if you want to try to rectify this yourself please do the following:

  1. In Roon go to Settings > Audio
  2. Scroll down to the section labeled “Roon Ready Devices” and find the entry for the Vivaldi One. If there’s a blue “Enable” button next to this item then tap that and then tap “Save” on the next screen.
  3. Scroll down to the last section labeled “Airplay Devices” and find the entry for the Vivaldi One. Tap the gear icon next to that item and select “Disable Device”
  4. Exit settings and try playback again to the Vivaldi One. You may need to re-select the zone using the icon in the bottom navigation bar.

I’m traveling right now so the above is from memory. Some of the button labels / menu items above may be worded differently, but the gist of it is correct.

Sorry, that’s not what’s happening. Roon is not enabled to play Airplay, so the box next to the items you mention is and always has been blue. The issue is after playing MQA or hi-res files from Roon via RAAT, then going to my Apple Music subscription to Airplay music from it, there is no music, and sometimes the Vivaldi gets stuck as I’ve described. I have tried factory reset of the Clock and Vivaldi and then resetting everything, even with a disc playing, and then again re-doing all this without a disc playing. In fact, the Vivaldi is not locking at all to the clock’s 48kHz since yesterday. I am suspecting a hardware issue, not software. Please see screenshot of Roon settings, attached.

What has resolved this issue was updating the iPad software from V - 13.1.3 to V - 13.2. Still testing to confirm this but it seems to have made a huge improvement in functionality

Problem solved by Andres (Dulcinealo)! Indeed, the issue began after iPad OS’ recent update to V-13.2.1. The iPad OS V -13.2.2 update which was released unusually soon after the 13.2.1, corrects the issue described in my initial communication. I have learned that no matter how frequently one updates the software, or how recent one thinks the installed update is, the first step should be to check again for an even newer, unexpected update when encountering new glitches. My Thanks to Andres! :clap:

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