Vivaldi One streaming Issue since latest update of 1 day ago

After streaming Roon via Nucleus+, Vivaldi One requires reboot via front button to stream Spotify Connect (from web) or Sirius XM or Apple Music (both via AirPlay). I suspect software issue, but checking iOS updates and Vivaldi updates as of one hour ago, the softwares are the latest. Suggestions?

Let me start with a couple of questions:

  • Are you using Roon via the NETWORK input or USB
  • When you say “reboot via the front button” is this a fast press of the button or a long press until the display reads “POWERING OFF”?

Using via network. Rebooting long press until display shows “powering off”. Thank you.

Update: Since the reboot I described, there has been no problem streaming back and forth among the various sources I mentioned in my original message.

Unfortunately the problem has recurred twice and required my rebooting the Vivaldi via it back button. I rebooted my router, Wi-Fi, and iPad prior to that and none of those worked. I have verified that I have the latest software versions on the iPad and the Vivaldi one as of today.As previously mentioned, the issue occurs when going back-and-forth between Roon and airplay Streaming. Fully Rebooting via front button did not help, unlike before. Any thoughts?

I’m currently to reproduce this issue (switching between Roon and AirPlay) but am having little luck doing so. When you observe this issue are you initiating AirPlay playback while Roon is still playing or is it stopped? If stopped has Roon been stopped for a while or is it a pretty quick transition from one to the other.

If you’re holding down the front panel button until the display says “POWERING OFF” and then releasing you are doing exactly the same thing as is accomplished by flipping the switch on the rear panel. Both end up operating the same relay which cuts power to the power supply. If the blue LED on the front panel illuminates then the unit is in standby and you haven’t actually restarted the hardware.

I am using the button until display says “powering off”, so I was puzzled as to why that did not work and the unit required a reboot via back button.
I think the first time I was switching to Airplay while Roon was playing; one of the other two times, I had just stopped Roon for several seconds, then started AirPlay. However, I do not remember with certainty, so will try to document my observations when problem recurs.
I have downloaded the files for the day when it occurred last (occurred during that afternoon), so please let me know if it would help for me to send them, and where to send them.
Many thanks.