Vivaldi Dac, clock and upsampler upsampling problems

Hi all.
With Tidal I did not have any problem. Now con Qobuz when I play 96 ( DSD ) Dac shows correctly W2 but upsampler W1. Auto wordclock on both Dac and Upsampler. AES 3+4. Cables from clock to Dac and to Upsampler are correct. I do not know why it happens. Thank You

Hi Piero. Nice to see you here again.I think that there may be a couple things that first need to be put straight .DSD is not streamed by Qobuz . All is PCM as is a 96kS/s sampling rate. The clock does not know whether you are playing Qobuz or Tidal per se. Tidal cannot be directly compared to Qobuz as Tidal does not stream hi-res FLAC files only hi-res if encoded with MQA which is a different decoding process.

I am currently playing a 24/96 files from Qobuz which shows a W2 icon for both upsampler and DAC. One thing that will make the DAC show W1 is if you are inadvertently using the upsampler to change the output rate to a 44.1 kHz base rate . To help track down the cause of the problem first please look at the upsampler’s display and make sure that you see ( top right) 24/96>96. Please let me know.

Hi Pete. You are so precious.
Yes, I can see 24/96>96 on upsampler display when not using DSD,DXD or DXD2…

OK thanks. As I understand things the DAC isn’t showing a red clock icon as that would indicate the wrong frequency is selected. I am trying to eliminate a wrong wordclock cable connection.

OK, another quick thing to try. Select Clone mode and lock it on the Upsampler. You can do this from the front panel menu of via Mosaic ( Device). Does that help? If not then go to to DAC synch mode and select wordclock 1. Does this produce an error icon ( red W) on the DAC panel display?

Sorry for this not being straightforward but it is sometimes difficult to figure things out from 1000 miles away :smiley:.

Wow Pete . It works! Very very helpful! Distance erased.
Many thanks and happy holidays

:+1:. Great. Enjoy the rest of the holiday period.