Vivaldi and scarlatti clocks

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I have read a lot of your experience and many thanks for that. In thé past I had a Puccini with thé U clock. I upgraded to a scarlatti clock and it was a very big improvement. Then I had the chance to go to thé Rossini, waoauw, what a musical pleasure. Thx to DCS.

Now , I would like to change for a vivaldi clock, is the difference so important with the scarlatti ?

Last thing, I use cybershaft master clock op21 too.

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is that an error? You say you have a Rossini DAC or Player and a Scarlatti system clock. The Vivaldi clock will not make any difference to the Scarlatti clock. They cannot even be connected. So am I right in guessing that you mean the Rossini?

Yes you need a Vivaldi clock if you want to use the Cybershaft as the Rossini clock has no reference clock input.

However forgive me if I think that you are not spending you money rationally. For less than the cost of the Rossini and the Cybershaft you could have bought a Vivaldi DAC. dCS are very careful to maintain a significant sonic improvement range to range. So, irrespective of clocking, a Vivaldi DAC will always outperform a Rossini DAC.

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So I have the Rossini integrated with CD player.

If you agree I will make some corrections. A Rossini can be connected to a scarlatti or vivaldi clock as it is possible to connect to it to a Rossini clock.

So with a scarlatti clock you can use a master clock.

i listen only to cd , and no demat actually. If it would be the case and choose a DAC vivaldi, than the best way to use it to give him the upsampler too. And for listen my cd I need a transport. Already with the upsampler it will be far above a Rossini.

Than can we come back to my initial question, what would be the evolution with the vivaldi clock?

I think that there may be a slight language difficulty here. I know that you can use a reference clock with a Scarlatti clock. What I said was that you cannot use a Scarlatti clock with a Vivaldi clock.

You have to use a Vivaldi clock with the Rossini Player if you want to use a reference clock as the Rossini clock does not have a reference input.

The DAC ultimately defines the basic sound, not an accessory like a reference clock. So using a Vivaldi clock into a Rossini player would be a little better than using the Rossini clock. Adding a reference clock will make another small improvement. But it would not be as good as a Vivaldi DAC of course, irrespective of any clocking considerations.

I now appreciate that as you only play CD you would indeed need a transport if you bought a Vivaldi DAC instead of your Rossini Player. You could, like me, happily use the Rossini Transport with the Vivaldi DAC rather than the very costly Vivaldi one however, though as CD is your sole source the Vivaldi Transport may be a better choice ( silver disc is not my main medium for music). I understand your reservations having regard to the costs involved.

My real concern with your idea is value for money. I’m in the UK where the Rossini Player costs 21K gbp. The Vivaldi clock costs 12K gbp and the Rossini Clock 5.5K gbp. Cybershaft clock op21 is around 6K gbp by the time import and tax costs have been paid I understand. So you are looking at a cost difference between a Rossini Player/Clock combination and a Rossini Player/Vivaldi Clock / Cybershaft of around 12.5K gbp for a very small improvement, not inconsiderable, but small. To me the additional cost is out of proportion to the gain it will bring. Adding a reference clock IMO can only make sense in a complete Vivaldi setup and that is, no doubt, why dCS did not think it worthwhile putting a reference input on the Rossini clock.

However if that’s what you want to do then it is your money after all :smiley:.

As you said, a slight deifference of language :wink: I just think to replace my scarlatti with a vivaldi clock.

Now concerning the master clock, I am not here to make Advertising, but I know what it adds. if you made this experience, what I am note sure, and it was not what you expected, I can understand.

This is the same for a lot of dcs or esoteric user…

No answer from dcs specialists ?