Vivaldi 2.0 app

Using this app, I cannot find Qobuz on the online services (only Tidal and Spotify). What should I do? Thanks.

That sounds like a redundant app. There was a dedicated Rossini one so I assume there may have been a Vivaldi one also in order that the Vivaldi Upsampler (which contains network access) could be used prior to 2017. Mosaic was introduced subsequently.The current version of Mosaic is common to all current dCS units and the latest version is v.1.41. Are you not using this ? If not then there is the explanation.


I am using Mosaic but to be honest I prefer much more this app.

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Franco, in what way do you prefer the old App? :thinking:

Except for the fuller Vivaldi Transport controls, it doesn’t have any advantages and is far less intuitive to use then Mosaic.


I,m not even sure about the fuller Vivaldi transport controls as these were added in v. 1.3 or 1.4.

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That’s true Pete, basic transport controls were introduced into Mosiac, but there’s still a gap in capabilities between the two.

On the old Vivaldi App, transport control are as close to the physical remote as you can get. Pictures are probably worth a full paragraph of description :grin:

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I like the interface better and the fact that you have full control of the Vivaldi. Furthermore, the 2.0 allows me to duplicate files in folders for preferences. For example you can play “all in folder” and insert next play and also add to queue.

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Hi Franco,

Just be aware that the Vivaldi app is depreciated as such is no longer supported and no longer receives updates or enhancements plus it also does not have access to the latest firmware updates for the Vivaldi Upsampler - as such we do not support the continued use of the “Vivaldi” app with Firmware updates for the Vivaldi Upsampler only checked and verified against the Mosaic app. I’m not actually sure why it and the Bartok and Rossini apps are even still available for download but this has prompted me to check.

I understand that there is no support for track programming of the transports with the Mosaic app as it stands but it has been flagged to the app devs for inclusion if possible.

Best Regards

Phil Harris


Although @Anupc kindly advises that the Mosaic v.1.4 Vivaldi controls may not be as extensive as the earlier Vivaldi app all of the other topics that you cite are easily done with the current Mosaic. It sounds as if you aren’t yet familiar with its features . If you like I could PM you with some screenshots?


Thanks Pete. That’d be appreciated.

Will do. I won’t be able to do it today so please bear with me.

Best Wishes



No worries at all Pete! Thanks again!

I may be mistaken, but on Mosaic I can neither see dac and Upsampler inputs nor disc commands.

Where are you looking? Top of screen , three horizontal bars at he left. Open and select from audio or device options.

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I also use 2.0 and dislike Mosaic for the reasons stated by Franco. DCS need to bring the file viewing (eg by folder) options and selection and queueing options into mosaic, otherwise I will use 2.0 for ever!

As I have already pointed out earlier in the thread most, if not all, of the features that you want already exist in Mosaic. I can only assume that you are less familiar with how to use it then you may need to be.

However, admittedly, I may be mistaken on the “file viewing” issue as I think I would like some further clarification of exactly what you want.

Every so often I respond on how to do things in Mosaic. Really this indicates that the online instructions are inadequate. They do not appear to be updated as versions go by. @Phil please note:

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The file or folder view and the play all folder or queueing procedure is what is missing in mosaic

As stated by Franco

So that is two of us at least just on this list!

Thank you for the clarification. Unless I misunderstand you then, as I said, all of these items are already available in Mosaic. For example do you understand the two part blue " Play All" button which, when you select only the chevron, is where the add to queue option exists?

Hi Richard,

Do you mean when looking at a UPnP server or a USB stick?



Phil, I definitely echo Pete’s suggestion to have Mosaic’s online documentation updated to include its current capabilities.