Verdi - Not powering up


After many years of service my Verdi it not powering up. It had been disconnect from the main for a few weeks after reconnecting it would not power up.

I have checked the external fuse and that is OK.

Is there an internal fuse that can be easily checked?

If not does DCS still support/repair the Verdis?


First check the obvious. Remember that Verdi ( as other dCS components) has two power switches. There is a switch on the rear where the power inlet is and a power button on the fascia. Both have to be “on” for the unit to operate.

The only fuse for the unit itself is at the power inlet receptacle and I assume that is the one that you have checked. You don’t say where you are from but some countries e.g. UK have a second fuse as part of the connector to the wall outlet. This really fuses the cable but if it is faulty the connected unit won’t function.

If you have switched power outlets ensure they are “on”. Yes I know that is “duh” but you would be surprised how often such a thing is overlooked.

The IR remote has a standby button so make sure that the remote hasn’t got this selected inadvertently.

If you recheck all of these points without a result then I cannot think of any obvious reason for this dead unit ( no lights or any display at all).

I would expect dCS through the dealer/distributor/direct to offer some form of support. Repairs may be possible depending on the cause but remember the age of the piece and that not all spares remain available.


Hi Pete,

Thanks for the info.

I have checked most of these point but not the IR remote.

I hope it is something repairable as I can’t stretch for a replacement at the moment.



Gary, remember to let us know the outcome. It is one way that we increase our knowledge.

Sure Pete.

Hi Pete,

I checked remote and that was OK.

There is power getting to the unit as when connected I can here a faint 50Hz hum.

I went on the dCS website and the “contact us” page seems to have been removed.

Do you know how to contact them, I am based in the UK?

Hi Gary,

You can report your problem at [email protected]


Thanks Erno

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Gary, thanks for the further information. @Ermos has kindly given the contact address. dCS have changed their internet addresseses slightly recently perhaps to help distinguish them from the several other companies called DCS. I suspect that may be why the “contact us” page may have been ( temporarily?) missing.

As before, please let us know what happens.


Ah yes: “Dust Control Solutions”, “Digital Combat Simulator World”, etc. Finding a unique series of letters, or unique acronym, is hard these days!

Hello Gents. Was there ever a resolution to the Verdi not powering up. I have the exact issue- Input power is fine - fuse tested good, but changed anyway. I have owned this from new and understand the age - but still completes with the best offered today… Thanks in advance - Doc

Hi , the software is telling me that this is your first posting here so welcome and I hope that you find us of help.

Your posting is pretty much the same as the one which commenced this thread back at the turn of the year. Gary never came back to tell us if he found a solution and I can’t add much further to what I have already said above as we didn’t learn what happened neither did anyone offer a solution otherwise. What I can do , however, is to advise you to contact dCS and to repeat the address:

[email protected]

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