Using the Mosaic app

From a soon to be proper dCS family member so I’m a bit in the dark here :slight_smile:

I’ve read a few postings where users complain about the lack of a scroll bar for navigating through long lists of artists or albums. This is when navigating their library from a local NAS/Dnla server. Now I admit I’m a bit in the dark because I’m still waiting for my Bartok to arrive but can’t you simply tell the dnla server to present the library in alphabetised headings? I mean, with my current ‘other brand’ product, I tell my dnla server to show ‘Album Artist’ and when I select that on my player, I then see each alphabet letter as a node. I can then select a letter and then I see all the artist under that letter. I can then select the artist and see their albums.

So I don’t have to scroll all the way down a list of hundreds and hundreds of artists. I just select the letter, e.g. ‘D’, and then I see all the artists that start with ‘D’. Is this not possible with Mosaic?

See the post from @Andrew in this thread

for how to set up MinimServer (currently the only officially support server) to provide this functionality.

Okay… but other dnla servers should work just as well. Saying that I read in the other thread that you can config minimserver to give better search functionality.