Using Mosaic to control my Vivaldi Transport MKII

Just installed a Vivaldi transport MKII in my system and I would have thought I could control the unit via Mosaic but it doesn’t seem to be working. The EasyPlay works, selecting the proper input based on the inserted disc. Mosaic shows the track number, track elapsed time (but not total time and progress bar) and if an SACD or CD is inserted. But the multimedia buttons down’t do anything. The buttons change based on what the player is doing. So if the disc is stopped I see a play and eject button. If the disc is playing I see pause and stop buttons. But the buttons don’t do anything and I have to use the physical remote. What am I doing wrong?


It’s getting on for a day since you posted your question without any response.

I will speculate that the number of readers with experience of Vivaldi Transport Mk II is very limited . Perhaps it is only you so far ( which would explain this situation) :wink:.

Given that there has been nothing contributed so far I am going to tag @Phil at support so he may see it after the weekend.

Just two things come to mind;

  1. Make sure the RS232 cable interconnecting your Vivaldi stack is connected properly; Upsampler is the primary, with connections to the DAC and Transport

  2. Activate the “Transport connection” from Mosaic Control - as outlined in the version 1.2 Release Notes (when Mosaic Control first supported transport controls);

Can’t recall if I had to do anything else special to get it working :thinking:

Looks like everything is hooked up properly. However I don’t see a transport connecting option anywhere. The only reference to a transport I see is a toggle for “Vivaldi Transport connected” on the device page. This was on. I toggled it off and back on but no luck.

The " transport Controls" section from v,1.2 Release notes posted by @Anup is not 100% reliable. For example I have Rossini Transport and it is not recognised. However I have a mixed stack, Vivaldi everyting except the Transport. I was told that far as Mosaic is concerned the two ranges speak different “languages”.

So I speculate that either you have a mixed stack e.g. Rossini DAC but Vivaldi II Transport ,or that the command language for Vivaldi I or Vivaldi II differs and there has been no addition or revision to Mosaic. We need dCS to provide some guidance. Hence tagging @Phil .

All Vivaldi stack.

Thanks Pete,

I was on holiday last week so just catching up…


Hi John,

By “Vivaldi Transport MKII” do you mean the VTX?

“Vivaldi Transport Connected” is the correct option within Mosaic and selecting that option SHOULD enable transport controls - can you please send me screenshots of that screen from Mosaic and also the “Hamburger Menu” → “Support” → “Versions” and “Hamburger Menu” → “Support” → “Status” menu to [email protected] please?

Best Regards


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Screenshots sent.