Upsampler settings to DSD or DSDx2

I noticed that everything I play with the Upsampler is set to DSD, even though most of the music I play is PCM (mostly Qobuz and Tidal).

Is it a good idea then to upsample to DSD ?

I supposed it is a good idea, I then set the upsapmler to DSDx2, but again, is it really a good idea ?

Aside from Vivaldi it is not possible to switch off upsampling so , amongst other issues it is not possible to compare either method with the native sound of many formats including the most popular.

Given the situation it is generally held that one should keep PCM asPCM. So DXD x2 for this. However it is your choice if your ears tell you otherwise.

I understand, but in Mosaic it is not written DXDx2 it is DSDX2. Is it the same ? If yes, a typo in the new release ?

No, DXD and DSD are different formats. You can google this you want to find out how they differ. You should be able to choose between them.

Currently I cannot select DxD anymore. It is either DSD or DSDX2, a bug maybe ?

I can only look at what Mosaic provides for Vivaldi. Could you post a screenshot of what you are seeing? Which unit are you using?

I might be wrong, but aren’t the 352800 & the 384000 the DXD sample rates?

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Hi Leo,

You are correct…


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Do you mean I should choose 384000 instead of DSD if I mostly listen to Qobuz ?

Hi Chris,

You should choose whichever sounds best to you - the options are there so that you can choose what sounds best to you, there isn’t a “right” one to choose.



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Hi Phil,

Understood. Thanks you very much.

So, it is true that we can bother you every time, night and day, the week end, during your holiday :wink::pray:

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Hi Chris,

chuckle … Not sure what to reply to that one… :stuck_out_tongue:


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Hi Chris,

As Phil says, entirely personal preference. DSD or DSDx2 Upsampling will give a different presentation to using DXD but one is not technically better than the other. DSD or DSDx2 tends to be smoother and perhaps a bit more musical to some folks, whereas DXD is a bit sharper on transients and more dynamic.

Provided that your Vivaldi Upsampler has DXD Lock turned on, you’ll be able to select DXD on the front panel of the Upsampler with the Output button. Not sure why it isn’t showing up in Mosaic, I’ll get that followed up.

The difference between that and selecting, for example, 384000, is that with DXD the rate changes between 352800 and 384000 based on the sample rate of the content you are playing. It keeps everything running in direct multiples, which is good for sound quality.

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Hi James,

Thanks for your reply.

My Vivaldi Upsampler has DXD Lock turned on.

After the conversation I had with Phil, I selected 352800 in Mosaic. But I noticed that sometimes It was 384000.

I think the Upsampler works as you mentioned but it is not displayed in Mosaic the way it was with the previous release. I might be wrong, but I guess you have the possibility to check that with the Mosaic developer.

I am curious to hear about your finding.

I just had a look at the upsampling options in v.1.4.2 (rare for me) and confirm that Chris is right. No DXD.