Upsampler DXD lock


Does someone know what is the best choice:
Upsampler DXD lock ON or Off ?

A good question. I have puzzled over the description of the DXD lock in the manual and cannot see anything beyond the display showing 352.8 or 384 as options changing to DXD with the lock selected.

However, when locked the upsample is automatically applied at a rate appropriate to the base sampling rate of the material i.e. 352.8 for 44.1 base and 384 for 48 base.

With lock disengaged you have an opportunity to upsample e.g. 44.1 base material to 384. Why anyone would want to do this I am unsure as upsampling to a frequency that is not an integer of the source is generally held to yield inferior results.

NB: I am assuming that you refer to Vivaldi Upsampler.

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Thanks for your reading. I read it like you and I set this parameter to ON.
Yes I was talking of the Vivaldi Upsampler.

Pete hit the nail on the head. DXD Lock ensures that when DXD upsampling is taking place, it is always by an integer and you are not upsampling a 44.1k based sample rate to a 48k based rate or vice versa, which will give inferior results.

This works in conjunction with the DSD Pass-Through setting, where any incoming DSD data is passed to the output unchanged.

So, with both DSD Pass-Through and DXD Lock turned on, any incoming PCM data is integer upsampled to DXD, and any incoming DSD is passed through unchanged.


Thank you James for taking of your time answering this question.

I set DSD pass through and DXD lock to ON.

Have a nice day.

I also want to set like you do. Please show me that on Bartok. Thank you

Not possible on the Bartok

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