Upsampler and DAC

I am running from a non DC’s transport to a Grimm Cc1 reclocker. From reclocker to Aes ebu input in Purcell and from Purcell in dual aes to Paganini DAC.
I have clock signal from Purcell out to Paganini input (as I also have firewire)
Looking at Paganini upsampler manual appears bnc from Paganini DAC output to Upsampler input for use with pc
Which is correct?
I suppose bnc from Purcell to Paganini as the clock comes from source.

Unfortunately your setup does not allow for correct clocking. The essential point is that the connected units must be synchronised. To achieve this they must use the same clock reference which is why wordclock generators are used. However in a simple set up he clock of one unit can be the reference of the other. Nevertheless the source has to be synchronised with the DAC . As your transport source seems to have no wordclock input this cannot be achieved.Further your Grimm reclocker generates its own clock signal which will have no synchronicity with the other units ( aside from by chance)

Given your situation I am afraid this question is not relevant.

Hi. Forget the Grimm. Is clear I can’t sync all as cd does not have input. The clock cable from Purcell out to Paganini DAC in?
I have to follow clock original input.

Grimm CC1 is a reference clock also. You need one wordclock cable to the Purcell and another to the Dac. As it reclocks the cd-transport that would be the best solution. Firewire upsampling is DSD, so also 44.1 baseclock.

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Hello August. I don’t understand, explain clearly, please.
A cable for Upsampler from?
A cable for dac from?
Thanks :pray:

As August tells us that the Grimm has wordclock outputs then what he suggests seems correct. I am thinking that the Purcell can be thought of as effectively the source, So one Grimm wordclock output serves Purcell and another Paganini. I now understand that the CC1 has 6 wordclock outputs. At least CC1 v.2 does. Also all seem to be 75ohm.

You do not connect a wordclcok signal from Purcell to Paganini or vice versa. Both should be synchronised to the Grimm. That requires 2 x 75 ohm BNC cables.

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This can be ok if Cc1 BNC outputs clones the clock input, this is what I don’t know. The Grimm is as slave from the transport(reclocking work wonders).
Thanks for your answers, is not an easy question or setup.
The rest are Oris 150 horns with Aer bd3 and ripoles 2*15, all active with Marchand tube crossover,
Triodes 2a3 for horns and SS for bass.
Thanks again

The Grimm CC1 is a master clock, as such it needs to provide the wordclock to the other devices. As your source doesn’t have a wordclock in, it is reclocked in the CC1. Provide wordclock signals from the CC1 to each dCS unit, don’t daisy chain them.

Hello, as Grimm confirmed, the Cc1 clones the clock received while reclocking through aes ebu. This way bnc output clocks are same as signal clock from transport.