Updating Scarlatti DAC

I can buy a Scarlatti DAC for a good price. But it is quite old - 2008 and software version 1.0
Will I be able to update it to 1.3 and connect it via dual AES to my Paganini transport in Vivaldi mode?

Hi Mike . I think this is your first posting so welcome to the forum and I hope that you find it interesting and useful.

I am afraid that I cannot think of any easy way for you to update that Scarlatti DAC. As I am sure you are aware it comes from an era when updating was normally done by special CDRs .Although the Paganini transport has the ability to play these unfortunately the discs themselves are long gone. I don’t think that legacy updates are available for access via computer even if connectivity could be arranged.

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Hi, I’m also a Scarlatti owner, and I have the 1.3 dCS update disc complete with instructions. I must admit I was really pleased to find it just after a rummage through too many boxes!

You are welcome to it, hopefully you can pm me your address and I’ll get it posted to you.


Martin, you saved me)


You’re welcome - let me know where to post it.

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Apologies - I’ve just seen your Mail. I’ll get it posted.

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Mike, I got it posted today so hopefully you will have it this week coming.

I had to even fill out a customs form - thanks to brexit.

Please keep the disc and instructions safe as I will inevitably now have a Scarlatti problem that requires me to reload the software.

Hope you enjoy the significant upgrade - you will have ability to upsample to dxd -352 or 384 and drop the FireWire and instead use the DoP to run DSD over dual AES.

Martin, thank you so much
I will keep it carefully, like a relic)

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