Updated Manuals

It would be appreciated by many of us if the Vivaldi online manuals could be brought up to date with the latest information. In order to make sure we are working with current data we must jump between the manuals and any applicable Release Notes. From what I can see the actual manuals were last updated as follows.
-DAC - May '17 2.0
-Upsampler - Nov '16 2.0
-Clock May '17 1.2

Updates to all of the manuals are in-process and they’ll be available for download when complete.

The only thing that you’re missing from your Vivaldi manuals relates to the MQA updates. Mosaic is new since then as well, but the documentation for that will be maintained here:

dCS Mosaic User Guide

The 1.2x Vivaldi clock manual from May 2017 is current and applies to the 1.21 release that came out at the same time.

Thanks Andrew.

I see that a updated Vivaldi DAC manual is now available on the dCS site. Thanks.

User Manual Software Release 2.1x
July 2019

Is there anything coming on the Upsampler?

Upsampler is coming. It just needed a few more tweaks than the DAC manual.

I went through the new manual tonight and I was very impressed with how it was updated. The manual does a good job of explaining how to step by step use the Mosaic app to set up the DAC control and all of the various options.

Thank you again to dCS for updating the Vivaldi Upsampler manual on your website…

I see that the site now has the the following available for download.
User Manual – Vivaldi Upsampler Plus V02
Software v2.10 / Network 501, compatible with Mosaic Control.