Universal Windows Remote won't install

I have an issue with Universal Windows Remote 1.2 Software:
Setup is unable to find installation language in SETUP.LID file
Error 105.

Is there a way to fix it?
Do you have any newer version of Remote Software for dCS 952?


The dCS 952 is from 1995…

dCS 902 and 952 are pro market analogue-to-digital and digital-to-analogue converters launched in 1995, the world’s first 24/96 ADC and DAC.

You probably need to run Windows 95 in order to use the software.

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I really tried to help you, and do not appreciate your reply, with which you violated this community’s rules:

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The error does sounds like Windows 10’s installer cannot recognise the program – that version being originally written for Windows 2000. I should note that neither this software nor the 952 are supported anymore, so unfortunately there isn’t a solution we can offer here. Apologies for any inconvenience this causes.

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Have you tried changing the windows compatibility mode? Right-click the executable and select Properties followed by the [Compatibility] tab, I can’t tell what Windows version options might be shown, but try changing that before attempting to re-install.

Of course I’ve tried to change all compatible Windows modes. It was the first what I did!
James, thank you for the real first answer! I need to run the software just for volume. Is there any other way to remote it without computer?

(Could have fooled me based on your, rather simplistic, original post)… It’d be trivial to get Windows 2000 running under a VM and install the software, it’s just a simple RS232 port after all.

In any case, I’m sure you can figure this out yourself :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey Dazzer, you really need to cut back on the sarcasm, especially when people are trying to give ya some assistance. That will dry up in a hurry otherwise.