Understanding Mosaic and Roon

Hoping to get some clarification on how Mosaic playback actually works with Roon Server.

I have been accessing Roon Sever on my SGC i5 without issues for over 6 years now, all rock solid. When I set up the unit I loaded some of my CD’s and purchased files on to a 2TB drive in the unit. Since that time I am accessing new music via Tidal and Roon. Everything works great.

Here is where I am confused. On a few occasions I wanted to try playback using the Mosaic app for playback rather than Roon. From various threads I have read I would need to add something such as Minimserver to get this to work. So what is happening when I Shut Down Roon via its web interface and then get music from Mosaic. It appears that Mosaic “may” automatically restart Roon and I get music.

If I again stop Roonserver while the music is playing, music continues via Mosaic. Is this via Tidal not Roon?

Any clarification is appreciated.

Jim, I don’t quite follow your question exactly, but to clarify, the way Roon Server allows you to stream from Tidal or Qobuz to your dCS unit is quite different and totally independent of Mosaic Control streaming Tidal and Qobuz to your dCS unit.

In the case of your local music files, Roon Server serves them directly to your dCS unit controlled by Roon Remote (or Roon Server’s GUI itself), whereas Mosaic Control requires a UPnP server (like MinimServer) that it controls to stream to your dCS units.



Mosaic and Roon are TOTALLY independent … neither know of each others existence on your network and do not “talk” to each other.

If you have music stored locally on your network on a shared folder then Roon can be set to index that music - if you wish that music to be accessible via Mosaic then you will need to have a UPnP server running on your network that is set up to index that same shared music.

Both Mosaic and Roon are able to access music on TIDAL and Qobuz but they do it independently.

I hope that helps… If you have any more questions then please do ask.



This is why I am confused. How am I playing music stored on my drive without a UPnP software ? I have shutdown Roon yet mosaic will play my music and Tidal tracks.

Under normal circumstances whatever I am playing via Roon shows up and can be controlled by Mosaic. When I shut Roon down I can still play music,maybe only what was queued, with Mosaic and Roon not running.

Hi Jim,

If you are able to play the music that you have stored on your network using Mosaic (ie using Mosaic to browse your music and select and start playback) then you must have a UPnP server running somewhere - most likely on your NAS if you have one.

TIDAL music is pulled directly from TIDAL … that comes down from the internet.

OK … so when you say Mosaic will play your music which “source” are you choosing within Mosaic? (The list of “UPnP”, “USB”, “Deezer”, “Qobuz”, “TIDAL”, “Radio”, “Podcasts”, “Spotify” - which option do you choose…?)

Mosaic itself cannot control Roon beyond volume and track skip … Mosaic does not allow you to browse music under Roon and does not allow you to control other Roon devices, create device groups etc.

When you say “shut down Roon” do you mean closing the Roon app on your phone / tablet or shutting down the Roon Core / Server?

The Roon App on your phone / tablet isn’t “Roon” - it is just a control interface to the Roon system which is controlled centrally by your Roon Core / Server.

If you start some tracks playing and then close down the Roon App on your tablet / phone then all you have done is close that particular control point … Roon continues to run on the Roon Core / Server and can still be controlled by the Roon App on other devices, and in that case you will still be able to control volume and track skip from Mosaic.

Does the Mosaic App say “Roon Ready” on the Now Playing screen? If so then yes, you are simply using the track controls in Mosaic but your streamer is playing music from Roon.


Phil. Thanks for the detailed reply. I am traveling this weekend and do not have access to my system and it is a pain to reply on my iPad. I will be able to better answer your comments when I get back.

Hi Jim,

No problem … will try to help if I can.