Unable to use Tidal Connect using iPhone (12 Pro Max) with new Mosaic Firmware

I have a dCS Rossini DAC. Today I upgraded my Mosaic iOS app to 1.2.1 and my DCS firmware to 2.04. The Network Board Version is 1.2.0 (507). The Mosaic app says there are no more updates available.

I did this in order to use Tidal Connect. Using my MacBook and the Tidal desktop app I am able to use Tidal Connect and control the music through the DAC. However on my iPhone (12 Pro Max) with the latest Tidal iOS App, the Rossini doesn’t appear when I hit the on the device selector. All I see on the iPhone is: iPhone or Airplay & Bluetooth. There is no choice for dCS DAC.

Not sure why it works on my Macbook but not my iPhone. Can other people use their iPhones ?

Problem solved. I deauthorized my iPhone, deleted the Tidal app and reloaded the app on the phone. After logging into my account the dCS Rossini is available for Tidal Connect :slight_smile: