Unable to see Rossini IP address on network

I am unable to connect to my Rossini via the network.
To try and rectify the situation, I captured the IP address directly from the front display but when I entered the IP address into my computer browser, the address could not be found.

My Rossini is hard-wired to the internet.
Also, Mosaic, Roon, and Spotify cannot see my Rossini.
Rossini inputs seem to be working (or at least SPDIF3).
I have hard powered down Rossini several times and have done the same with the network. All to no avail.
In essence, I only have direct control of Rossini (volume dial, front panel, inputs).
Please advise what I should try to fix the problem.
Thanks, Keith

Keith, it’d be a lot easier to help you if you elaborate on how things are connected; for example what Router or Ethernet switch does your Rossini connect to? Likewise your PC (from which you were unable to browse into the Rossini).

Might also be useful to know whether your Rossini is actually connected to the network and getting proper DHCP assigned IP address, or it’s improperly connected and has a self-assigned address; -what’s your Rossini’s IP address? It should usually be a private 192.168.x.y type address instead of a self-assigned 169.254.x.y address.

Thanks Anup for the hint about the self-assigned address. Rossini is indeed self-addressing (

That said, the system has been stable for almost 1.5 years. The configuration has not changed (including all aspects of the internet connects). Internet structure is:
Router > 8-port Hub > Rossini

To check the hub, I bypassed the hub but the issue did not resolve itself.
Also, there are only 2-devices being fed from the hub (TV & Rossini).
The TV is working fine.

As another test, I plugged in a different DAC into the same hub using the same ethernet cable that was going to the Rossini. The different DAC worked fine.

The internet structure seems to be working as it should.

Is there a way to reset Rossini via the front panel?
Would the reset restart how Rossini sees the internet connection (thereby allowing Rossini to once again see the internet)?

Any ideas from dCS support?

That self-assigning of an IP address suggests that for whatever reason, while your Rossini is able to see the Ethernet carrier signal from the 8-port Ethernet switch/hub it’s connected to, it’s not able to talk to your DHCP server (presumably your main Router).

If you’re sure that other devices connected to that same 8-port switch are working properly, then definitely a good idea to try factory resetting the Rossini; you can do that from it’s front-panel Config menu.

If that doesn’t work, probably time to ping your dCS dealer. :crossed_fingers:t3:

Anup, Many thanks for your insight and suggestions.
Fortunately, Rossini seems to have resolved the IP address issue and restored the internet connection. I am not sure how the issue was resolved but the unit is back up and fully functional.
I will be visiting with my dCS dealer to update him on what happened.
Thanks again,

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