Trying a vivaldi apex against my rossini

Well i know i said i would never go vivaldi as i dont have the room, plus last time i had the chance to compare the rossini against the vivaldi was before apex and at a dealer shop.

Well right now i have a vivaldi apex dac sitting in my system.
Got it all up and running from my melco N10, using a good quality usb cable. Streaming qobuz from the melco and also the melco is playing my stored music off its disc drive.

I have got to say i am loving the way its sounding i have got my rossini clock also connected up to it.
I have a deeper stronger bass, wider sound, clearer and cleaner sound and i would also say a more balanced sound over my rossini, which sounds closed in and dull in comparison, although i know its a fantastic sounding dac in its own right.

The big question for me is, is it mainly down to the apex upgrade or the vivaldi dac? Yes i know both will be helping, but my question is how much better or closer to this vivaldi would my rossini get once the apex upgrade was done.

Also if i do make the jump it will be a while before i can get the vivaldi clock as i feel that would be next over the upsampler or is that wrong?

Anyway enjoying the music more than ever right now.

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A lot of what you describe is Apex-related. Also keep in mind that the Apex board in Vivaldi is the same as the Apex Rossini.

See: Scheduled APEX Upgrades - #291 by miguelito



Well thats good to know as if that’s the case then maybe i will be more than happy and a lot more money in my pocket just keeping what I have and just getting the apex upgrade done, as i have already got it on the upgrade list and that shouldn’t be far away.
Lots to think about.

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This was an interesting quick take comparing the two Apex DACs:


I think the key takeaway from this reveiw is Vivaldi is comparatively more laid back and Rossini is comparatively more upfront.

They both suit individual preferences accordingly.


Right. That’s what I found most interesting about this quick take.

So do u agree with that observation ?

I did not have audition of the Vivaldi (for the obvious reason of potential hazard to the pocket).


This review is done in a hifi shop…If you sell dCS, would you kill a product you are supposed selling ?
Therefore they try to say something nice on each product…but when you hear a Rossini and a Vivaldi by yourself…the story is completely different and it can be a happy end for your ears, but always a very sad end for your finances :wink:

Well i have to say very much enjoying the bear vivaldi.
It does sound different to my rossini pair but i think it sounds just as good but with an extra layer of refinement

I have no way to know as I have not listened to a Vivaldi in my system.

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Well, the reviewer is not part of the shop plus he listened to them with headphones which removes setup issues.

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Well i have the vivaldi for a few more days and need to decide what i am going to do, still not sure if i am being honest

Go for it !!!

Not sure if i will prefer the full rossini over the stand alone vivaldi dac, as i like pop music and rock music and i am feeling the vivaldi is more classical music and jazz in the way its voiced ?
Maybe the apex’ed rossini and clock will be just what i need, rather than just the dac and then fell i need the clock, then the upsampler, you know how it goes. Then dcs bring out a replacement for the vivaldi lol, just my luck.

But not spoken to the dealer in question yet.

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U must have an audition of Rossini in that case.

Based on my experience (running Rossini Apex for more than 3 months now without clock) u r probably right. So far I have found Rossini to be excellent with Pop, Rock and anything primarily voice oriented. It does great modern Jazz too. I am not much into Western Classical - so cannot comment really.

Though I never had audition of Vivaldi dac (cannot afford so never ventured in that direction).


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Hello Dunc,

Try the Apexed Rossini with a Vivaldi Clock - you might be surprised. Larger scale and musicality.

A 2nd user or ex-dem VC would be a great buy.


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I have heard that from some one else too.

But I am not very sure how just a bigger hosting enclosure will make the Vivaldi clock sounding better for same Rossini dac. Is the quality of clock itself is better (like MSB has different quality clocks) ?


Hi Dunc
Same here. I have two friends here Stateside who run their Rossini‘s with Vivaldi clocks. Both unequivocally state there is an increase in performance. They have tried to get me to make the jump as well however there is some thing about fitting a large Vivaldi box on my Fraim rack that I am hesitant to do😁



Rossini Clock

Vivaldi Clock

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Huum. Thanks for the visuals.

But, in my understanding all those other things I see within the enclosure of Vivaldi clock is to support more functionality - 3 vs 8 outputs in 2 different groups. Also there is a ‘Reference In’ in Vivaldi clock which is not there in Rossini clock.