Trouble with Elgar Plus Locking Up

Client traded in a beautiful 4 piece stack and we were excited to get a listen. Replaced the laser on the Verdi with great success but the Elgar controls keep locking up minute or so after boot-up

When powering on the display goes through the usual “testing” process, about 5 seconds after it completes is shows “UDP 1394” then “delay”. After that it shows the counter displaying one little bar, then two etc etc. An hour or so later is shows completed, reboots and begins the cycle all over again.

During the 5 second period the controls work. Ive tried to get to the factory default menu but there is not enough time.

Meanwhile the DAC works and produces audio.

Is it looking for a 1394 update? Is it coping software from ROM over the long process? Pleas help. Fernando - SkyFi Audio.

That sounds like a control board fault . Fixable? I do not think that replacement boards are available. You may need dCS advice on this one. In the meantime do you have the Elgar User Manual?

Thanks Pete. I have the manual and have gone through it. No mention of UDP 1394 anywhere. Hope its not a hardware issue.

I have just realised that the Elgar is trying to update. Go through menu and make sure that the Update mode is not selected.

Good idea Pete.

Trouble is… I have about 4 seconds to push buttons before the unit goes into upgrade mode and locks me out. Im not quick enough. Wonder if there is a better way to get it out of upgrade mode.

OK.It looks like the Elgar is in the middle of an update installation but with no data to backup from the Verdi and an update CD-ROM.

If I recall correctly no functions are operable whilst the update is in progress so when you reboot Elgar it is just continuing with the incomplete update and when it reboots automatically after “complete” it starts another update cycle presumably because the CD Update mode has not been cancelled for some reason. How do you get out of this ? Have you tried physically turning it off using the rear power switch after “complete” but before it auto reboots? I am only guessing.

Maybe it would be better to contact dCS directly.

Hi Fernando,

There are a few causes for this behaviour; I will send you a private message so we can get some more details on the unit and look to get it resolved from there.