Trouble Using Spotify through Mosaic

I am not able to use Spotify through Mosaic. I used to be able to no problem. Now when I press the “Resume Playback” button I get an error telling me I am not signed in. So I have tried to figure out how to sign in through Mosaic but I cannot find a way to sign in nor does Rossini appear in my “devices” list on Spotify like is used to. I can play music on Spotify by using the Apple Airplay and Rossini does appear on my list of Airplay devices. One other note, Quobuz works like it always has.

Is there a way to sign into Spotify through Mosaic?

Robert, unlike Qobuz which is front-ended by Mosaic, dCS supports Spotify via Spotify Connect and Spotify’s own App, including signing in.

Once you’ve signed-into your account via the Spotify App, you should be able to see your dCS component within the App’s “Device Menu”. Once selected, every playback action you take on the Spotify App will reflect through the dCS DAC.

Thanks. Thats what I thought but initially it wasn’t there. I did a few resets and eventually it appeared.