Too many failures, stopping playback

I keep receiving this notice from the Lina DAC ?

I haven’t seen that warning message before not do I recall it being mentioned here either.

It sounds like the kind of thing resulting from a network issue but as it is unfamiliar I will bring it to the attention of @Phil at dCS support. Of course he is bound for Munich this week so may be more difficult to reach.

I assume that you are using Roon…?
I have received this message before, although not often, when using Roon.

I was able to resolve it by rebooting the Roon server (formerly known as the Roon Core), and my network.
Have you tried that?

I suggest that you reboot your network…
Modem, router, switch…

Everything in your network, including the Lina (turn off with the toggle switch).

That may resolve the issue.

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Yes, I found that out to do as well Thanks, Its a pain though I was wondering how it gets fixed etc


Did rebooting everything fix the issue?

yes, but that was fixed like that before but comes back?


Probably best to flag this with Roon’s tech support - I believe they will get you to send them logs so they can see what is going on with your network…



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thx I will do that

Good morning Phil, My issue does not seem to be a Roon problem. I seems like since I did the Mosaic update I am having this issue.

I today connected Lina via Mosaic /tidal or qobuz. The track selects and identifies on the screens but the track never starts? The network has been refreshed many times and is working fine in all other regards. I have no clue what this could be?

Additional info. I went into settings on Lina just toggled around did not really change anything. Went back to mosaic and selected a new playlist via Qobuz at first it sent the track identification to the unit but no play back. Selected a shuffle it the kept changing the track flipping through track but not launching. Rebooted mosaic and reconnected again and the first track I selected played??? It seems random hit and miss?

sometimes it seems that the Rossini Apex DAC loses the Ethernet connection and performs a sort of reboot and this inexorably disconnects Mosaic as well.
I have other devices connected on the same network, a NAS that does not suffer from this problem.
The router is in DHCP and I don’t know if it makes sense to fix the IP address to the DCS DAC.
Does this make sense ?

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Hi Nick,

This would seem to be a completely different issue to the one that Anthony is getting which is an error message coming back from Roon.

However, to reply to your question I would NEVER recommend setting a static IP address (a static address being an IP address that is set on the device itself) for any network device other than your router (your router requires a static IP address to function correctly) on a domestic network unless there is a very good reason to do so (and by that I mean that the device requires being set to a static address to function correctly OR the manufacturer states that it should be set to a static address when it is configured - for example some IP control systems such as Control 4 and Crestron may require devices to be set to static IP addresses as part of their programming).

By all means use RESERVED IP addresses if you wish - a reserved IP address is where you set on your router (or whichever device on your network allocates DHCP addresses if you have set your network up with a separate DHCP server) which IP address in the routers DHCP range is reserved for specific devices and then the router will always allocate out that same IP address to that device.

The device itself is then still set to DHCP and in that way you won’t get accidental IP address conflicts OR when you change your ISP in years to come and they give you a different router that just happens to use a different DHCP range then you won’t suddenly lose your Rossini and not be able to access it again.

Using static IP addresses (where IP addresses are set on the actual network devices) to “fix” network issues such as devices not being searchable on a network is never good practise and simply masks the underlying issue and can cause further problems down the line - better to get the issue sorted properly, there should be no reason why a dCS streamer (or any other network device) should not show up on a network.

If you are having issues then can I ask you to email me at [email protected] and then we can pick up your issue with you rather than having two unrelated problems in a single thread on here which will become quite difficult to follow…

Best Regards

Phil Harris


Hi Anthony,

…however Mosaic and Roon have no overlap so Roon does not know of Mosaic and vice versa - they do not interact in any way so updating Mosaic does not and cannot make any difference to Roon or the way that it functions. The Roon Endpoint code is completely self contained.

Have you contacted Roon regarding this error message?

What have they said? I believe they should pull some logs from your setup and be able to get an idea of why the error is being generated…

Best Regards


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Thank you Phil.

sorry, the post was in the wrong section.
I understand your reasoning and will carefully check my setup.

Thanks again

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