Tidal offering new tiers

It seems Tidal are going from 1) lossy and 2) redbook/mqa/atmos to 3 options: 1) lossy, 2) redbook, 3) mqa/atmos.

What was $10/$20 will now be $10/$15/$20.

This already has started in Australia.

Because of probably this new offer, dCS had to rush to release Mosaic 1.1.3.

We have had to push the 506 network update forwards to accommodate the changes TIDAL / MQA have made to how MQA streams are identified by the receiver, as if this wasn’t released by this weekend MQA would be fundamentally broken for all users on dCS products.

I think with Tidal, there’s a real risk that all “redbook” in the future will in actual fact be redbook compatible MQA stream instead, so, anyone can play them back on non-MQA player/DAC, but the effective bit rate is I think roughly about 13 bits, not 16bits of “unadulterated” redbook.

Tidal’s heading into a real mess if you ask me :persevere:. I’m still subscribed for now, but I’ve moved all favourites across to Qobuz.

“all” aside from those labels do not support MQA. Certainly all from UMG and Warners though. However I think Tidal had a big push on increasing the amount of MQA on offer last autumn. Did that result in fresh MQA titles from labels outside of the above companies?

Anyway I agree, why would Tidal otherwise want to ( as they would no doubt see it) duplicate their inventory?

I believe in addition to Warner and UMG, Sony’s also a shareholder. I wonder if they’d attempt to push MQA as well.


With Apple also now rumoured to be launching CD quality streams, I expect even more exodus out of Tidal (beyond just the audiophiles jumping ship to Qobuz). It’ll be interesting to watch what Dorsey/Square does with Tidal :grin:

Yes, I have kept wondering if or even when Sony would offer MQA encoded titles. I take it from your comment that 6 years later they have not. I also wonder whether the three major record company shareholdings came about as an offer of equity in MQA when MQA were needful for some kind of record industry support? Otherwise it seems strangely coincidental.

Is that the same rumour as the one 5 years ago or the one 3 years ago or a new one? :wink:.

New rumour actually :grin:

Within the code for the first beta of the upcoming update, references to “lossless audio,” “high-quality stereo streaming,” and “HiFi” are found within the ‌Apple Music‌ app.

This part is also interesting;

Additional code within the beta suggests that Apple could incorporate a dynamic way for ‌Apple Music‌ to switch between standard, compressed audio streaming and high-fidelity streaming. On the iPhone 12 with 5G, Apple has a “Smart Data Mode,” which automatically switches between a 5G and 4G/LTE connection depending on the user’s current needs, connection strength, and battery life.

The only open industry standard that I’m aware of that can dynamically switch streaming bit-rate like that is MPEG-4 SLS. They could of course do something completely proprietary :money_mouth_face:

Thanks Anup. However it seems from the article that if it happens it won’t be something that can be accessed by all comers (with an Apple Music subscription) but will be limited to replay via Apple’s own devices such as AirPods which restricts its interest IMO.

Which program are you using for this? I have SongShift on iOS however it is not my favorite. I have also occasionally used Soundiz in the past.


My guess is they’d support Airplay playback at a minimum, which would open it up to their ecosystem partners. Let’s see!

Did it by hand over the course of a few weeks! :laughing: