Tidal MQA and Network Bridge/Vivaldi

I have a Network Bridge and Vivaldi DAC.

When I play Tidal MQA albums via Mosaic (from my Android Phone), for each song, the Vivaldi seems to reclock itself, so I lose first 1-2 seconds of each song. I need to hit rewind to hear from start.

What should I do?

Thank you.


Unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done here. When an MQA track transitions there’s a brief moment where the bitstream does not have any MQA markers. The Vivaldi DAC sees this and switches out the MQA renderer. When the markers come back the DAC switches in the renderer again.

The process of switching into and out of MQA on the Vivaldi takes a bit of time due to the complexity of the DSP components that need to be moved into and out of the signal path. With the Upsampler we can limit the disruption since the DAC can communicate its status back to the Upsampler and effectively hold playback until the DAC is ready. With the Bridge there’s no such signaling mechanism available so it starts rolling data regardless of the DAC’s state.

With a dCS masterclock i do not get that MQA resync issue after every track , but if i only connect the NWB direct to the dCS DAC then it will loose the lock and start to re-sync.