Tidal Drop outs today the 3 September in the Mosaic App?

Hi Andrew!

Have you any info that Tidal having problems with their playback today through the Network bridge / Mosaic ?

All of a sudden my dCS Rossini could not see the amplitude ( bit depth ) and i get sound 2-5 seconds drop outs like almost every 10-20 seconds randomly.

I tried to go bypass the Master Clock = no difference , still dropouts.

  1. Tryed Airplay and it did work without drop outs on Tidal.

  2. Tried Deezer HiFi through the Mosaic app , worked fine.

  3. Tryed to log out from Tidal in Mosaic , no difference.

  4. Shut down the main mains in the house and reset the NWB and Rossini. Still drop outs

So it seems something is wrong with Tidals streaming services through Mosaic?

I’m not aware of any current issues with Tidal. Typically dropout-related problems involve an issue on Tidal’s end in your geography or an issue with your ISP contacting Tidal’s servers. More often than not they clear up on their own in a few hours. Keep in mind that the Tidal servers that we contact are different than the ones used for the Tidal app and, as far as I know, different than the ones used by Roon.

Hi Andrew!

Thanks for your fast answer as always👍

Hope it clear up, it just started when i was playing a playlist though the Tidal Mosaic app, but no other services got dropouts, so i hope it solves by it self then.

I am based in Sweden.

Very frustrating to listen to music with dropouts every 5-10 seconds during playback. ;(

And i got a 600 m/bits line into the apartment, that i have measured the stability without any dips or like it :thinking: