Tidal dis-connection problem with Network Bridge


I use Network Bridge to play Tidal streaming, and the streaming may suddenly stop from time to time (maybe after a few tracks, or after a few hours if i use the repeat button). The Mosaic app will also show that the playing queue stopped.

My set up is as follows:
ASUS RT-AX92U router
wired connection to Silent Angel Bonn N8 Switch
wired connection to dCS Network Bridge.

i have tried resetting the network streaming, uninstaill/reinstalling Mosaic app, resetting router/modem, but they don’t fix the issue.


Tidal or any other streaming service stopping from time to time may not depend at all upon anything within your control.

Such things can be down to the service provided by your ISP. Many ISPs are finding that their resources are hard pressed due to Covid-19 and the resulting large amounts of video traffic generated by e.g. Zoom calls which eat the bandwidth available to a given community.

Thanks. My ISP has a 1G connection. so there should be plenty of bandwidth available to support streaming audio

OK, here’s what sounds like a really dumb suggestion but it worked for me with Qobuz some years ago when I suffered a lot of freezing and glitches.

Try another router port. And maybe another port with your switch.

I doubt that it is the Bridge. Such matters are mostly network related.

Thanks. No harm trying :sweat_smile:

I changed the port - the disconnection still happens…

Hi Simon,

  • Are you experiencing this issue with only Tidal, or do you have another internet service such as Qobuz which is experiencing dropouts?
  • Also just to be sure on this one, when playback of Tidal stops, from what you have said the Mosaic app remains connected to your Network Bridge. Is that correct?

Is it only Tidal? Have you tried another streaming service ( perhaps using their free 7 day ( or whatever) offer ? What about some internet radio stations via Mosaic?

How about trying the Tidal desktop app on a computer connected to the same LAN to see if it still stops?

This will all help to narrow down the root of the problem.

Oh, I see James has replied while I was writing this. Some similar ideas.

Yes only with Tidal. I do not have Qobuz because it is not available in Hong Kong.

Yes, the network bridge is still connect to the mosaic app.


As the Network bridge stays connected to Mosaic, your LAN would appear to be okay. If you try playing back from Internet Radio from Mosaic, do you experience the same problem or does it playback properly?

Many Thanks James, Let me try it. I have never used Internet Radio before.