Tidal album artwork missing from Mosaic

Using Mosaic on my Bartok. I subscribe to both Tidal and Qobuz and control with a new model iPad. Album artwork shows up fine on Qobuz but is totally absent on Tidal. Just blank squares. Album names are there and the system plays Tidal well, just no artwork. I’ve re-booted and re-added everything to no avail. I also have Roon and all artwork and album information appears there for both services.
Ideas please.

See this question and answer from a couple of days ago:

Check it out. I cannot guarantee it is the solution but missing artwork in Mosaic has been a recurrent problem with ipads/phones since the introduction of IoS v.15.

Since the last Mosaic update it does not see all of the folders in my NAS.

Mosaic doesn’t look for or browse shared folders on a NAS - Mosaic allows the browsing of UPnP servers on your network, so if Mosaic is seeing your UPnP servers then everything is working fine there.

If, when you select the UPnP server, you’re not seeing everything that you would expect to see then the issue is either that the UPnP server isn’t scanning the folders that you expect it to scan correctly OR you are looking at a different “place” within the UPnP server - most UPnP servers allow folder and file browsing as well as browsing by artist / album / genre / date etc. and it is very common - certainly when trying to diagnose issues that are reported with UPnP browsing - to find that people are in a different “view” than they think they are.

If you say that you’re not seeing all the FOLDERS on your NAS then my first thought is that you are seeing some “familiar” information which tells me that Mosaic has seen your UPnP server (which is ultimately all it needs to do - once you have selected a UPnP server then everything from there on is down to the UPnP server) but the likelihood is that you are possibly looking in the “Browse by Artists” option rather than the “Folders and Files” browsing option…



Yes the Private Relay was on on my iPad. Turned it off and the Tidal artwork returned. Guess that says something about what Tidal tracks vs Qobuz. Amazing. Thanks to all.

I am selecting “Folders” on Mosaic. As I said all was fine before the update. I even deleted and reinstalled Mosaic.
I can successfully access all the folders through J River on my computer and play them through the NB.
Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


Your computer (running JRiver) will be accessing the folders and files on your NAS via a protocol called “SMB”, JRiver is able to be set up to access multiple shared network folders and is also able to be a UPnP server and so makes the files that it sees visible as a UPnP server for UPnP clients to browse and access.

Mosaic uses a protocol called UPnP for finding media on your network that requires a piece of software to be running on the music source called a UPnP Server - the UPnP server is something that will be running on your PC or NAS directly.

When you say that you can access all the folders that JRiver “sees” are you using Mosaic to browse JRiver as a UPnP device?

When you then say that there are folders that you cannot see what UPnP server is Mosaic browsing at that time?


Hi Robert,

It’s rather more likely that it’s that some data is simply being dropped in the multiple layers of IP translation that Private Relay interposes than it being that TIDAL are nefariously tracking something … I mean they know who you are (i.e. your account) and what you are listening to anyway so from their perspective what you are doing is very easy to track. They don’t really care whether they can accurately geolocate you and they already exclude multiple devices streaming from a single account at the same time anyway.

There are simply sometimes issues caused by using these kinds of privacy features - whether it’s Apples Private Relay or commercial VPNs.



Thanks for the information Phil…