The Scarlatti master clock displays CAL

As per subject, the Scarlatti master clock displays a recalibration message.
My question is does anyone know what the cost of recalibration is.
Thanks for any replies.

The vivaldi clock is £750 i believe, if i remember right as asked a few months ago.
It has to go back to Cambridge to be done.
I guess that the scarlatti clock will be the same.

Duncan, I assume that is the UK price. Of course I also assume that the transaction will need to take place via the distributor and not directly. So that price for the Vivaldi Clock is presumably what Absolute Sounds in the UK charge. The OP may not be in Britain. If so the cost for him will not be this and may involve an element of more expensive hipping as it will indeed need to go back to the factory to have a spell in the environmental chamber.

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Hello, from France to dcs headquarter for my Vivaldi through the French distributor : 1100€. Need to send the unit to the distributor.

Well obviously if you are say in the USA then posting will be extra, that’s why i stated it needs to go back to Cambridge. As some might have thought the local dcs dealer could do it.
The price i quoted was from phil, and i guess it all goes through your local dealer, plus i guess posting would be extra.
But it did give the original poster an idea on price, which is what i was trying to do.

Thank you all for the quick and valuable information.
I’m from Poland, so I have to contact the local distributor.
Kind regards.

I have one more question.
Is there a noticeable difference in sound after recalibration?
Now, despite this message, the clock can be easily traced to the DAC, upsampler, and RME aes-ebu card.

Whether there are sonic differences to you will depend upon your sensitivities, the type of music you listen to and your overall system. All one can say is that if Scarlatti wordclock shows the need to be recalibrated then it is no longer operating correctly to its specification. Some cannot hear the existence of a wordclock in a system at all, others find it essential.

Using a wordclock correctly depends upon the units having wordclock inputs. This is because the main point in a multi box system is to synchronise them. Does your RME audio interface have this input? What other units make up your system?

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Yes, the RME card has a clock input.
My track is maximally simplified.
The role of the server is played by a desktop computer on which Roon Server is installed.
From the computer, the signal runs through optical isolation,

Adnaco-S1B: 5 Gbps Fiber Expansion System - 4 PCIe slots which is line powered.
An RME Aes-Abu sound card is installed in one of Adnaco’s PCIe slots.
From here to the Scarlatti Upsampler and then to the Scarlatti DAC which controls the tube monoblocks.
So source, upsampler and converter are synchronized
scarlatti clock.

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Interesting setup. If I may ask, how do you power the remote Adnaco board, is it mounted into a chassis with PSU?

The Adnaco card is housed in a separate enclosure and is powered by an external custom-made linear power supply.