Tell me, will my vivaldi ever play a tidal mqa without clicks in pauses? or should you think about purchasing other equipment?

Tell me, will my vivaldi ever play a tidal mkv without clicks in pauses? or should you think about purchasing other equipment?

Hi Andrey and welcome.

I feel our frustration but we will need clarification to try to answer your question.

Are you talking about mkv format files ( Matroska multi media) or the band MKV?

If it is the latter how are you accessing Tidal. Is it using Mosaic? Roon? The Tidal desktop player running on a computer? Is it just MKV that you have problems with, what about other music on Tidal? Are these standard Tidal files or MQA encoded ( Tidal Masters) ?

I am just guessing but mine clicks whenever it automatically changes to a new sampling rate based on the song it sees. I don’t even pay attention to it. First time I remember hearing anyone complain.

These are standard Tidal files or encoded in MQA (Tidal Masters) using Mosica.
mute is turned on every pause between songs. two clicks (

yes you are right, but I remember 2 years from now, or so, it was as Andrey described it, and then we had a firmware update that fixed the problem…so what is the firmware of his Vivaldi Dac ? is it the last one ?

firmware updated

As ChrisK asked:

We do not even know what Vivaldi combination you have. Is it just the DAC? Is it DAC plus Upsampler? Is it DAC plus Network Bridge?

Have you updated all of the firmware including Mosaic? It would help if you would kindly just reveal the version numbers of the firmware you are currently using which is really what Chris K was asking for.

The last issue I recall relating to muting between tracks was this ( but it does not appear to reflect your circumstances) :

However it does prompt me to ask what the DAC is displaying when your issue occurs. Are you seeing " No Audio"?

One thing that I can say now, however, is that dCS equipment currently has no support for gapless replay with MQA encoded programme. I am assuming, however, that as you say the problem occurs with standard files too this is not related to your particular issue though it could be confused with it. I am also now assuming that the issue is not just occurring with MVK files. The reason I asked the question earlier was because if it was just MVK files that would suggest corrupted files at the Tidal end of things. Such things do happen.

vivaldi 4 blocks all firmware updated. the problem only occurs when playing the tidal master mqa

However, for now I can say that the dCS hardware does not currently support gapless playback with MQA encoded program … this seems to be the answer to my question. then why is it not specified anywhere that vivaldi does not work with the tidal master? Probably for a device for a lot of money this is not right?

This was answered in another thread. Granted, it may not be the answer one wants, but it is the answer.


Just another reminder that Roon works very well with dCS components to deliver Gapless MQA streams;


Better answer! I don’t subscribe to Tidal any more, but if I did, Roon solves the issue.

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