TAS explains the dCS Ring DAC

Just published:


Yeah, I read that last night. Short but informative. When I got to the end, I found myself wanting more though.

It is indeed not very comprehensive, but at least a shorter read than the explanation by James, which I think we both prefer.


Exactly. Good publicity for dCS, but just wondering the need for this given the presence of dCS’s exceptional White papers and online explanations.

Yes, agreed. It’s a (minor) gripe of mine that there’s often so much of a review devoted to “here’s Technical Director Bananabread on how the wotsit works”.

Sometimes it strays into non-technical marketing fluff (which I don’t think has any place in a review) or into a simplified version that misses the juiciest stuff that’s generally available elsewhere. Most of which goes over my head, of course :laughing:

I’d rather read someone’s point of view, and decide whether I want to take THAT on board. (Am I getting old?)

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This was rhetorical, no?

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