Susvara and the Lina Stack

Im interested in any impressions of anyone out there with the Lina Stack and Susvara headphones?


Hi Anthony,

I know some folks on the forum have the Susvara paired with the Lina Amp, though potentially running different DACs into them.

We attended CanJam Dallas this weekend just gone, so there are a bunch of impressions on the Dallas Impressions thread of Susvara & Lina:
As well as an impresison of Susvara with Rossini APEX DAC, paired with Lina Amp and Clock (here).

In case you didn’t catch them, we also did thee posts on the Lina Amp recently, covering Drive, Linearity and Flexibility. The first two of those really relate to the Amp’s performance with Susvara.

I’ll leave it to any forum users who own the combo to weigh in if they want, but hopefully the above is good reading. :slight_smile:


Thanks, I ask because a have come full circle. After a summer of experimentation with several systems I am now back to my full Lina stack. I just found OVERALL it really is a solid hard to beat end game set up from a company with great support and customer service and then there are those upgrades…

The only open question I ever had was as it related to Susvara performance. I have kind of gone back and forth a bit on this. It sounds fine but I always questioned if I was getting all it had , I think I have concluded I am hence just wanted to see how others felt. Appreciate the reading…

James, Great reading. With Susvara I had been using high gain switch , JPS high end interconnects, buffered connection. Does this sound the way to go settings wise in your opinion?

Also 6V setting in the dac , volume control off

Anthony, my Lina stack/Susvara is setup the same as you and sounds best to me.

Can’t really provide you my impression of how much I like the pairing, as I think a headphone-Amp paring is far too subjective, you really need to decide for yourself if you like it :grin:

Thx, definitely do like it a lot

What HP cables are you using? I have a new pair of Susvara and the new cable is much better imo that the original?

I’m still using the original, though I’ve been tempted by Ben’s recommendation from the previous thread you started about this same topic;

Personally I use the unbuffered connection. The buffered connection is really in place for high impedance DACs / sources to connect to the amp, so the Lina DAC doesn’t need the buffer. As such, the sound quality via unbuffered will be cleaner.

That said, I’ve found that in a ~15 minute demo, folks can sometimes prefer the sound of the buffered input as it can sound more forceful and impressive. I do agree, but with the Lina DAC and a headphone as revealing as the Susvara, listening for more than half an hour I find unbuffered cleaner and less fatiguing. Give the unbuffered input a try for a week and see how you get on.

The rest you have set up perfectly :slight_smile:

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James thanks, I’m trying it this week. Just switched over.

James, I found this on the forum:
" The “officially recommended best solution” — i.e. the only one recommended and endorsed by dCS themselves — is using Mosaic software to configure your dCS gear(s) and to pilot the reading/playing from a MinimServer :"

Is this the case? Vs Roon set up? I currently have my cable/modem internet output jack going into my Roon nucleus which in turn is on the same network from my network switch to Lina DAC? Im naturally looking for the best sound quality connection?

Nah. It can only be in reference to using UPnP Server/Client combinations other than Mosaic/MinimServer. If it’s in reference to Roon on dCS, the writer is very mistaken.

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As Anup says, we recommend using MinimServer over other UPnP servers when playing back local files with the Mosaic app.

As for Mosaic vs Roon, that is another topic, and not one that we have an ‘official’ recommendation on - listen however suits you best! From a sound quality perspective, the main thing is that you are playing via the network.

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I use both Roon and Mosaic. I am glad dCS continued its development effort all these years. Mosaic is improving and we never know what can happen with Roon…what will Samsung do with it ? A software to control Tv set ?