SR fuses replacement

Thanks. I’ll swap it around and try again.

Sounds smooth again after switching it around. It defies belief!

No, it’s only experience.

All this talk about swapping the fuses in the devices and maybe causing warranty/safety issues. Why not just change the 13 amp fuse in the plug of the the power cord?

Anyone tried this instead of the internal fuses and had similar positive results?

In my experience, the fuses will sound much better after a few weeks. I was a skeptic but now I would not go without them.

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I had quite a lovely listening session last night after changing the orientation of the fuse.


Just an update to say that the noticable affect of the fuse is in the area of clarity hence my complaint of additional percieved “brightness” while the fuse “burns in”.

More detail can definitely be heard from the DAC but the Bartok is already very resolving in my opinion.

That appears to be the main improvement anyway for those curious of the affect (in my opinion).