SR fuses replacement

Has anyone replaced the fuses in the Bartok with Synergistic Research black or blue fuses? I understand that they can improve SQ significantly. Thanks.

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I used the blue ones in my old Rossini DAC and Clock. Works fine and sounds clearly better. With my current Vivaldi DAC and Clock, I now use the Orange version. The same experience here too. A friend of mine also uses the Orange with his Bartok DAC / Rossini Clock. The quality is simply very good!

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Mmmm, this question was asked a while back and I am pretty sure that dCS did not recommend so called audiophile fuses and that some brands weren’t in line with safety standards.

Given the fuse protects your expensive high gear from damaged; you do need to be careful.

And make sure you A/B anything u do try and return it if there is no difference…

I know what you mean, but he specifically asks about the Synergistic Research fuses. You should always pay attention to whether the product meets a certain quality. Synergistic Research is a company that knows what they are doing and sets the bar very high. The power cables (and clock cables) that dCS supplies in the box as standard are safe, but are they the best?

I would love the vivaldi, but i dont have enough room for the 3 boxes.
But if they could do a rossini style 2 box version next time, then i could be persuaded to make the jump

Duncan, they already make a one box version of the complete Vivaldi stack. It is the Vivaldi One. Add the Vivaldi system clock and you have it in 2 boxes.

I dont want the cd player, i would want the dac and streamer in one box and say the clock in another, just like the rossini range, thats why i said 3 box and not the full 4 box

Not sure how you know this to be true. I read the post by Andrew P from dCS that is linked above and went onto the SR website to see if they state which safety/quality standards their fuses are made to and I couldn’t see any mention :frowning:

Very easy, if you don’t trust them, don’t buy / use them. "Problem”solved. I use them for all my components for almost 12 years.
The End.