Sound balance lost after Vivaldi upgraded to Apex

Hi: My Vivaldi DAC will lose sound balance while music is playing, RH channel sounds very weak suddenly, and It will back to normal after a while but again will lose the RH sound again. I spent many days and trying to catch the regularity that causes sound balance lost, but found nothing, no ideal how it happened.
I never have this problem before, it happened after I do Apex upgrade. Anyone ever faced the same problem? Please help🙏

Have you raised this issue with your dealer who, presumably, did the Apex upgrade?

If not, I suggest that you do so, and also send an e-mail to dCS support;

[email protected]

I’m tagging @Phil so that he’s aware.

Thanks for the tag @Bauer

I’m sorry that you are having problems with your Vivaldi DAC after the APEX upgrade - have you contacted your dealer to report this issue?

Can you please contact me at [email protected] with the serial number of your Vivaldi DAC, your location and the name of the dealer or distributor that arranged the upgrade for you then we can get that resolved for you.

Best Regards

Phil Harris


I would try using the opposite outlet connections if you can to see if that makes a difference
Xlr or rca.
Also, could adjusting the output voltage make a difference?

Just thinking out loud