Sorting and tap to play in Mosaic

I use with Mosaic on an iPad to stream from Qobuz.

The app is stable, responsive and works great, but I have two feature requests:

  1. I would really like a toggle, preferably in a settings meny which can allow me to change between tap (once) to play a track or tap to activate the track action meny (where play is an alternative).
  2. I would really like to be able to sort tracks in playlists (both local and from streaming services), favourite albums, tracks and artists alphabetically.

Thanks for your time!

Hi Andreas, I’m currently home demoing a used dCS Network Bridge.
I was very disappointed to find that I am unable to display my favourite artists and albums in alphabetical order!

My dealer is to ask the same question to dCS.

I have all my CDs and vinyl on shelves in alphabetical order by artist, so Abba on the top left through to Frank Zappa on the bottom right!

How do you and others file your CDs and vinyl?

With about 150 views and not one chiming in saying they want the same features, I assume I am the odd one requesting these features.

Mosaic follows Qobuz, so I sort my music the way I want them using Qobuz’s web interface.

You can que albums/playlists and tracks manually in Mosaic, to play them in any order you want. Roon or mConnect will allow you to sort your folders/playlist the way you want.

Hi Andreas, I’m with you!
It’s so basic a function to be able to sort alphabetically!
I’m not an IT person but I assume it is easy to have a sort function against text!

Hi Trebor, the ability to sort your local albums alphabetically (or otherwise) is a function of your UPnP Server. The Mosaic App displays whatever the Server provides back.

dCS recommends using MinimServer - your dCS dealer should have told you this. What UPnP Server are you using?

Hi, sorry for the delay in replying.
My understanding is that MinimServer is used only for music from a hard drive. Is that correct?

I am using dCS Mosaic.

Correct, MinimServer is only used for locally stored music, not for any of the streaming services.