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I am a new dCS user. I just bought a used Rossini Player (non Apex) and am using it with my Linn/Naim system (Klimax LP12/CDS3/552dr/250dr/S400). I have quite a few questions which hopefully I can get some answers to. I thought it would be better for me to put them all in one thread rather than raise several threads even though the questions seem to cover a wide spectrum.

  1. I note comments that the Rossini sounds better when output at 6V. However this would mean that the output is significantly higher than that of my lp12 and CDS3. I had it at 6V once and when I accidentally switched the input to my CDS3 without adjusting the volume on my 552, it was suddenly so loud. So my question is, is there a way to fix the volume output of the Rossini (lock or disable the Rossini volume dial?)

  2. Is it right that when I use the dCS mosaic app to control the cd playback of the Rossini, there is NO number pad interface where I can select the track to play directly? If I want to move to a particular track, I would need to keep pressing the ‘<’ or ‘>’ icon?

  3. On UPnP, I see a ‘search’ icon, but it is greyed off. My question is, is there a search function?

  4. Again on UPnP, is there a way to play from a particular track onwards for all the files in the folders? When I play a particular track in a folder, it only plays that track and then stops. It doesn’t continue to play the next track after.

  5. Does dCS publish a list of their serial numbers and date of manufacture of that equipment like Naim?

Very newbie questions but I don’t know many dCS users in my area so seeking for help online.

Welcome, Silklee!

I have a Rossini player too so may be able to help…

  1. 6V can sound better but it depends on your system so there is no rule. Don’t worry too much.
  2. You need to put a CD in then press play on the front panel before the CD controls are activated on the Mosaic app. This means you can’t switch between CD and stream etc from the Mosaic app. Not ideal, I know.
  3. Not sure about UPnP search as I don’t use it much
  4. The only way to do that is to add the next track to a queue. Again not ideal. If you have Roon, you don’t have that issue.

Hope that helps a little. I’m sure others can help too.

By the way as an ex Naim user I’d be fascinated to hear about your experience of a CD in the Rossini and the CD in the CDS3 - the sound.

Again, welcome!


Thank you. :slight_smile:

I actually sold off a NDS/555DR early last year only to buy a CDS3/XPS late last year.

I just installed the Rossini player this week. Let it settle down and I will definitely let you know what I think of it vs the NDS/555 (based on memory) and vs the CDS3.

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Hi Fook Yuan, welcome to the :slight_smile:

Search does indeed work. Typically, Mosaic reflects whats available from the UPnP Server, so, compatibility between the Server and dCS is critical. MinimServer is dCS’ recommended UPnP server where all functions are supported. I would definitely recommend reading through dCS’ FAQs;

They do not AFAIK, but you should probably contact [email protected], or your local dealer where you’re located (presumably you purchased the unit 2nd hand?)

Indeed he did:

Oops, perils of speed reading :smiling_face:

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Download the dCS Rossini app, which is still available at least for iOS.

It’s interface to switch inputs is somewhat more user-friendly than Mosaic’s, and unlike Mosaic it does provide a numeric keypad to select a particular CD track.

In my experience 6V does sound better than a lower level, but not all preamps can handle an input voltage that high, so use caution.


I really wouldn’t recommend doing this at all … the Rossini app is no longer maintained (and hasn’t been for several years now) and we no longer test current firmware against anything other than the Mosaic app so operation of current units with the “old” individual apps is not guaranteed.

Best Regards

Phil Harris

Interesting; I use the Rossini app every day and rarely use the Mosaic app as the latter is arguably more tedious to use.

Since its use is officially discouraged, is dCS going to pull it from the App Store?

Transport controls for Rossini and Vivaldi were implemented in the latest release of the Mosaic app - that was the only reason (that I am aware of) for their continued availability.

I have not yet been informed of what will happen to those apps going forward but they have not been maintained in years and I do not believe there is any reason to continue to keep them on the AppStore but that is not my decision to take. :slight_smile:


I also have a rossini player and run that into my naim 552dr, i have run at 6 v, without any problems, but now as i have 3 other sources going into my pre amp, i now run it at 2 v, it still sounds fantastic, so i wouldn’t worry.

I had a nds running 2 x 555 power supplies and was going to just go for a nd555, but it didn’t bring much extra over the nds for me, well apart from a £10k expense, that’s when i tried some dcs kit, such a different and kicked the naim streamers out the ball park in the first few seconds of the 1st track, not looked back, nor will i.

I was using a NDS/555DR a while back along w my LP12. It came to a point that I was hardly listening to the NDS. I did try to optimise it, getting a CISCO switch, trying different ethernet cables, getting LPS for the switch etc but it just didnt sound right to me. However that was with a 252DR. Maybe it would sound like how i like it to be with my 552DR.

So then i decided to sell it off and ended up getting a CDS3 for my digital needs and brought out all my cds. And I was much happier with the cds3 (this was still with 252).

Now I am very happy with the Rossini player even just with the stock cables (powercord, ethernet cable) and just an AQ evergreen RCA interconnect. It just makes me want to listen to it, both streaming and cd playback.

I wont want to say the NDS is bad. It might sound awesome now with my 552 and my room with the bass traps and diffusers which werent present when I had the NDS. Nevertheless I am happy with the Rossini player and I really like the looks. The naim chassis is nice, the linn klimax one nicer, but the dCS ones are , imho, wow. Looks matter to me. :grinning:

I can tell you now the Nds doesn’t get close to what the rossini can do, so don’t worry about that, been and done it all as they say

Note transport controls were enabled, but only track back and forward.

The Rossini app offers a full numeric keypad where you can select enter track numbers to play, and you can even custom program a sequence of tracks from the app.

The Mosaic app lacks the ability to do either.

It’s as if in coding Mosaic, dCS wanted to pretend people didn’t buy transports or the Rossini Player and wanted to just pretend discs were going away.

Anyway, I found the Naim narcom controls the dCS cd player as well.

Regarding the Rossini player’s cd playback vs my cds3/xps/ (non dr)/powerline/superlumina, what I can say is that there is little reason for me to keep the cds3 if I want to cut the box count.

Can anyone tell me what does the music note icon near the bottom left on the mosaic app does? The one besides the volume slider.

It is the phase button. If you click it it will flip over indicating that phase is inverted.

Has anyone stacked a rossini directly on top of a clock for any significant period of time?

Question is did the feet of the rossini leave a mark on the top surface of the clock?

Yes, they did. But once it started to show I could remove them. I added small, thin, round coasters of felt.

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