Significant Roon Update Coming

And they’re hawking it like it’s a marquee movie release. Some of the new features seem quite interesting. Here is a StereoNET preview.


The only point from the video or write-up that interests me is the option for vertical scrolling. All of the other “aids” to find music are of no interest to me as that is not how I select what I will listen to next.

I have stayed off the Roon Community site for the last few weeks so thanks for the heads up.

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My initial reaction is mixed. Nothing negative, just more like “oh, okay, that’s interesting.” The interface seems attractive, and I actually like the new ways of grouping, finding, and ranking music that StereoNET described. I do look for things like that, and I can see it being very attractive for classical listeners.

Well, it’s not earth shattering but it looks like a nice update. I look forward to trying it out.

Likewise, I do like what I see. Might encourage me to use it more, I’m still averaging 70/30 favouring Mosaic, as I usually know exactly what I want to listen to. Thanks for the heads-up Greg. :+1:t3: :slightly_smiling_face:

There is another review of the upcoming Roon Update, more visually oriented. I like it!


This gives even a clearer perspective on what is coming:

Maybe I am missing something, but this looks identical to the video posted on their page.

Sorry, I seem to have missed the first link in your OP. On second thought: I did not click it, because of its tracking URL:

I get that. Normally I remember to remove the email link, though in this case, it’s just a dead end. All it will tell Roon is that the original link is from an email blast. Still, I am very sensitive to tracking and go very much out of my way not to have my way found out. So, I removed that part of the link. Thanks for catching it.

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Roon 1.8 playing! Looks great, works great so far.

Same here, very stable. Still getting used to the new look. But I like the Roon Radio results so far.

Very unstable for me. Getting all kinds of errors. Pretty disappointed.

What are you using for your Core? FWIW, you’re not alone; the Roon Community forum is inundated with all sorts of positive and negative feedback. You’re probably already perusing it, but I thought I’d provide the link anyway.

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Thanks Greg. I’m using a Roon Nucleus and everything worked very well before the download. Pretty bad on their part. While I love Roon very much, today I am very frustrated with their service. Now trying to talk to support but their servers are congested.

Hmmm. Seems odd. I am running a Nucleus+ with zero issues; cannot help but wonder what might cause such a difference. I sure understand the frustration.


I don’t know Greg. It’s really slow and the app on the iPhone crashes easily. I’ve deleted it and downloaded it again but it doesn’t really help. On my PC its even worse.

I’m also getting strange things like Nucleu appearing twice as an audio output (?).

I know it’s early, but are you considering a full reinstall of the Nucleus?

Roon acknowledged all kinds of issues because of the system language you use. A update is coming.
For the moment, as a workaround: switch to English, and start Roon again: issues for now solved:

We’re investigating this issue but have a workaround for now. We’ve learned this issue can occur due to OS-level language settings — If you temporarily switch your device’s operating system to English it should work okay.

Our team is working on a permanent solution for this. Apologies for the trouble!

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Thanks Erno. I hope that helps Franco. As workarounds go, that one’s pretty straightforward.

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