Showing (off) your dCS setup - description and photos

Sorry Pete I meant the Phaethon display. I have the dCS displays turned off as standard.
Mosaic would only work once I have the upsampler I think.

yes, you need to have the dCS streaming board somewhere.

The remote has a Standby switch, and there is a - really small - main power switch below the 5 select buttons (on the underside of the front panel)

If you have the newer/smaller remote, the display off button is top left

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I have this one, heaviest remote I ever had. I’ll keep the foil on :slightly_smiling_face: From top down S for Mute (silent?), D for standby/on. At least that’s what it seems to do.

‘D’is for display on mine

My D turns the unit off and a really bright blue led will turn on. Might be I have an older one?

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Naim have started using true balanced connections on the new range.
Also they said it didn’t need it and then on the other hand they need cable dressing from the gods or it will sound off.

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What if because of plastic film, when you are pressing the ‘D’, it is pressing some other button too? I would suggest trying after removing the plastic film.

Is that your own, custom, Jackson Pollock design on that remote August? ; )

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:grinning: previous owner gave it the Laura Palmer treatment to preserve the beauty. Christo perhaps. If I were to Jackson Pollock it there would be paint thrown all over. Would be one of a kind then.

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