Showing (off) your dCS setup - description and photos

Euh… wauw.
Tell more about the sound please.

Here’s my nicely equipped Porsche twin-turbo Cayenne parked in my living room:

Digital things:

Taiko Audio Extreme server
(not shown, Taiko router, switch and DC Distributor)

dCS Vivaldi APEX DAC/Upsampler/Clock

Cybershaft OP-21 reference clock

Analog stuff:

Grado Aeon3 moving iron cartridge > VPI 12" Fatboy gimballed arm, VPI HW40 Anniversary turntable

Dan D’Agostino Momentum HD preamp, Momentum phono amp, Momentum M400 amplifiers

Wilson Audio Alexx speakers

2 stacks of 3 SVS SB16 Ultra subwoofers

Other stuff:

Shunyata Triton v3/Typhon QR & Typhon
Shunyata Sigma NR v2 & Alpha NR v2 power cords
Sigma v2 interconnects, speaker & digital cables
Shunyata Omega USB cable
Stillpoints ESS grid system rack & Ultra SS
ASC Tube Trap room treatments

. . . and lots and lots of music


jaw drops to floor…stunned


Some would add another stack of subwoofers… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi, very impressive stereo, I am sure it must be a pleasure to listen to.
However a question to you. As you bought two clocks, Vivaldi plus Cybershaft, I guess this means that you think timing is crucial in music playing. Few people on this forum would say the opposite.
But in that case, don’t you think introducing subwoofers in your system would introduce some timing issue ?

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Just received a Puritan PS-106DC. Liking what I hear vs the Furutech e-TP60E which was unfiltered. Expecting some additional power cords this afternoon so I will have no standard cords anymore.


Indeed. There are after all the two rear corners of the room that are somewhat empty now. . .

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Not that I’ve noticed. Given the very long wavelength of bass frequencies (the subs start rolling off above 32 hz) and the relative insensitivity of the human ear to very low frequencies, in practice there is some leeway to have the subwoofers slightly behind the plane of the main speakers, without audibly screwing up timing information.

I find the benefits of having subwoofers in impact, expansive sound stage and realism far outweigh any disadvantages – other than finding space for them – in my experience.


With all that bass, might I ask what sort of music you listen to?

Epic system!

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What are some of the differences you are hearing? I have been tempted by the e-TP609 NCF Power block

I have three subs, and the best thing they did is REDUCE the bass in my room. They’re an underestimated room treatment device in my opinion :+1:


that is some serious bass whalloping action.


I listen to all kinds of music, from jazz to rock, classical to electronica and EDM, soul and R&B.

Although the two subwoofer stacks can provide prodigious low bass if the music contains it, what they really provide is much higher quality bass. More cone area + 1500w rms/5000w peak per sub means less per cone excursion plus lots of reserve power.

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What I was looking for is more stable performance, less dependant on time of day and influence of other equipment on the ac power. One thing I was a bit afraid of is that filtering would hamper the dynamics of the system. I can tell you that this does not seem to be the case.

Now it is a bit hard to compare apples for apples as the cable that was feeding the distributor is now different due to the 20A IEC on the new distributor vs the normal C13 that was on the Furutech. I am getting a very good performance, but I did have my best power cord on the inlet previously (AZ Krakatoa) so that all equipment benefitted. Although the provided cable (Puritan classic) is performing quite well and overall SQ is good, I do want to compare by adapting the Krakatoa with a 20A IEC. Once I do that I will report back.

WBT powerlinks/bridges instead of the unknown jumpers that I had with the WvL Sons. Relatively small change, but the Sons are very revealing of any changes.

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I don’t know much about your speakers, August (other than YUM), but it could be worth trying two separate runs of speaker cable from your amp rather than using jumpers.

Whether it makes a difference will likely depend on many things (crossover, cables etc.), but my Von Schweikerts have always sounded better with two separate runs of speaker cable per channel.

And if it doesn’t sound better you will have the pleasure of saving some money the way I wanted to when I did the same comparison :partying_face:


You are most definitely right, I used to have a pair of Shotgun runs of AZ Satori which were exactly that; two runs of the same cable for true biwiring, only connected at the amp end (I recently sold that pair). I upgraded to the AZ Absolute some time ago. I might consider finding a second set to do just what you suggest as that would be another large step forward.

Any way, the WBT connectors are an improvement to the jumpers that were in there before and that came with the speakers courtesy of the previous owner.

Impressive system. One thing came to mind. Are you not exposing the Vivaldi and other components to a lot of heat with the d’Agostino mono’s right under them?

Thanks, August.

No worries, the D’Ags get warm but not hot – those big copper heatsinks do their jobs well.