Showing (off) your dCS setup - description and photos

Hi T38,
Thank you for your reply. I heard that the MSB sounds a bit like the Rockna, do you remember how it sounded, or wasn’t it just not your thing?

MSB sound…well, it sounds even more expensive than dCS :laughing:

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And now with a better suited furniture than Ikea table or gear on the ground…

Hopefully, there is no room for a clock :laughing:


great system you have, really like YG Acoustics (I have the Hailey’s) and Simaudio.
I see you have an Audioquest Niagara, what does it change in your system (tonally, transients), have you tried it without ?

Your speakers are very near to the rearwall, is that to enhance the energy in the low frequencies ?
I have tried my Hailey’s closer to the wall also, but in my system I loose a lot of musicality when doing that, soundstage is getting very flat.

For a short while I demoed the Moon 860A V2 in my system, without pre-amp (directly to my Rossini) and was underwhelmed with the result, could not keep the volume in the required range for the Rossini to get good SQ, it was either to loud or to soft. I got a better result with the Moon 700i V2 integrated which I still have currently. But seeing the 860A V2 in your system makes me want to try the 860A V2 again but this time with a suiting pre-amp from Moon.


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Initially I had a nice power block, and I tried the Niagara. So yes it impacts the sound in a way you can hear it immediately.
The sound is much dynamic, in the very beginning I even thought it was a bit agressive, but much more dynamic would be a better description.

My Carmel 2 are very close to the wall because there is the entrance of the room on the left, you cannot see it on the picture.
If I were alone, it would not bother me to turn around the loudspeaker each time I enter or leave the room, but as I have an 8 year old daughter…It would not be safe…for the stereo :slight_smile:

The benefit is more bass, the drawback as you mentioned is a stereo image lacking depth, not precision or width, but only lacking depth.

The Moon 860A V2 and the 740P is a great match with the YG loudspeakers, I heard it connected to your speakers and to mine. In both cases it was fantastic. With the Hailey, the low frequencies was obviously much more present. But not boomy at all, very tight, fast and punchy…One day I may buy the Hailey, but I wait they launch the Hailey 2.2i…One day I guess :slight_smile:

Sub bass with the Hailey’s is very good, they go so deep, where my system is lacking a bit is in kickbass, my dealer has a demo Niagara 7000, I will ask him if I can try it at home to see if it improves transients and kickbass.

I think the Hailey’s will be my speakers for life, I enjoy them that much, I might get them upgraded at a later stage to 2.2 or maybe 2.2i as you say, The aluminium finish and construction quality is fantastic, after taking the dust off now and then the speakers still look brandnew, no coloration by the sun or anything.


I am curious of your feedback when you tried the Niagara.

The Hailey is a fantastic loudspeaker.

I will do that.

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Afaik worked the designer from Rockna for MSB (or still designing some parts for MSB?) . The MSB was great but if I had to choose another brand vs dCS I would go for Playback Designs. But it‘s really a matter of the rest of your system.

Did you hear your YGs vs Magico?

Yes, Magico S1, not even close to the YG Carmel 2,
The S3 were closer, deeper bass but the stereo image of the YG was hypnotic…So I decided for the YG.


Finally, new set up on the new rack.


My main system has only a NWB. The headphones system (not pictured) has Rossini+Clock.


Oh and this is on order:


Have upgraded the amp to the Raal HS1b with SR138 silver cable. Very pleased with the result.

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Here is my humble Accuphase setup…and a Vivaldi with an SRS perf reference clock


Just got around to setting up the Scarlatti stack I bought a few months ago:

Getting reacquainted with my CD collection, and loving every second of it!



IMHO that’s the understatement of the year.
Vivaldi Stack (APEX?) with SRS perf reference clock > Accuphase C-3900 (?) > Accuphase A-300 (?) > Bowers & Wilkins 801 D4 (?). What’s your cabling ?

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Yes… thank you. I’m in a lucky position that I don’t have to “explain” the logic behind my irrational exuberance to anybody :)). it is an apex Vivaldi, c3900, and a300 into 801d4 with a pair of DB1D subs. I run a full AQ dragon loom for the main gear (not the subs) except for the Vivaldi stack and for that I am using transparent xl bnc cables.


Wow. That’s exactly how I’d put my (dream) system together, if I had the money.
But since I don’t (any more), I have to be satisfied with what I got:
SME 20/3, SME V, Accuphase AC-5, C-37
dCS Network Bridge (black), dCS 974 (upsampling to DSD), Vivaldi APEX DAC (black),
Accuphase DP-900, DG-68, T-1100, C-3850, A-250. B&W 800 D3, AQ WEL Signature (analog XLR). :smile: :smile: :smile: