Showing (off) your dCS setup - description and photos

I know Erno. May need to replace it. The Gryphon dealer advised that the distance between the two amps should be sufficient. they do not run as hot as I thought.

I just placed some Wilson Pedestals under my Rossini Apex. Really improved the midrange and soundstage.


I like a nice headphone setup an this is a dream.

Especially after update 2.0.


Nice! Must try the Elite one day. Love my Empyreans — do things that none of my other headphones do. So comfy and relaxing :ok_hand:

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The Elites are wonderful. You wouldn’t regret that purchase.

They are basically are more technically proficient Empyrean with more clarity and without that mid bass bloat. Still with that beautiful Meze house sound and a pleasure to listen to for hours on end.

The Empyreans are absolutely wonderful and that mid bass bloat might be considered a technical fault but it sure sounds sweet! I would never say goodbye to my Empyreans.

That Feliks Envy is a wonderful combination with the Elites or Empyreans with the Bartok on DAC duty. Both headphones just love the tubes.

Latest addition - Rossini clock.

This should complete the system (but I am thinking if I should add the niagara 3000 or 5000).


Great gear, have you tried pulling your speakers a bit into the room, now it will be difficult to develop a soundstage with the rack between the speakers

I did try that. The soundstage got a little deeper but I lost some bass. So finally settled on this placement.

I have a similar system but speakers are Harbeths.

Power conditioning is regarded as a bit of snake oil within the Naim forum but I have settled mine with a PS Audio P20

Current system:

  • Audio Note Kondo Ongaku integrated amp
  • SME 20/3 turntable + SME V 9” arm + Dynavector XV-1s cartridge
  • van den Hul “The Grail” phono preamp
  • CrystalCable phono interconnect
  • Kondo KSL-LPz silver interconnect between Grail and Ongaku
  • dCS Rossini Apex DAC
  • dCS Rossini Master Clock
  • Kondo Ls-41 silver interconnect between Rossini and Ongaku
  • Kondo KSL-SPz silver speaker cables
  • Roon core on NUC10i7+ROCK (in home office)
  • Networking to Rossini is optical SFP-Ethernet bridge
  • Cambridge CXC CD transport
  • IsoAcoustic Indigo feet under DAC (3)
  • Avantgarde Duo Mezzo speakers on custom Symposium platforms
  • SolidTech Rack-Of-Silence rack
  • Power cables: Kondo, Shunyata, van den Hul


… plus a Rossini Clock :wink:

And which switch are you using?

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Networking is a ROBOfiber SFP-Ethernet on Rossini side, powered by an Ultracap LPS-1 power supply (just cuz I had it around unused). On the other side of the optical cable is a 10GTek SFP-Ethernet bridge which goes to main house networking, all gigabit. A few switches, all Netgear. Gateway is a Unifi USG.


Thanks Miguel, I am going to check out this stuff, out of curiosity.

Fun and simple. Part of the reason I did this was I didn’t want a surge in my internet networking to take out the Rossini. Also, I recently connected the ethernet cable to the “Loopback” which forces it to 100m rather than 1g. Do I hear a diff? Nah, but I haven’t really paid enough attention.

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Beautiful setup!
You forgot to share the specs on that light facing the SME…
; )

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Found on the Roon users group.


The LED spotlights on the SME are Taysing from Amazon. I have one on each side (by the legs) and I recently added one in the center pointing slightly outwards because in the dark I could not read the LPs center label! :slight_smile: :smile:

Also, there’s a small plastic sheet rolled around each LED spotlight and held in place by an o-ring. These are snoots to make the beam more directional.


Updated system
In come the Riviera aic-10 headphone amp replacing Cayin ha 300b tube amp & Hifiman susvara replace Audeze LCD5…



I’m new here, and i have my first question :slightly_smiling_face:. I have a DCS Bartok, and i just wanted to know why you are choosing DCS over other brands? I think it sound sweet and maybe better 3D, voice’s, and details, then other Dac’s. That’s my observations.
I also want to know if some of you ever heard the brand Rockna? I have a Rockna waveligth, and a lumin u1 here for demo, and do you guys think I’ll regret downsizing to this, and why? I am aware that this is a DCS group, but some of you must have tried other stuff :slightly_smiling_face:. Ohh, and i have a Gryphon Essence stereo amp.

Best regards

hi Mink- welcome!
Let me say why I choose dCS over Linn Klimax, MSB Analog DAC, Naim NDX, Naim ND555, Playback Designs. Because I had all of these DACs but I was totally blown away even from a Bartok! Now running a Rossini/Clock (and hopefully soon on APEX). dCS is not cheap but it sounds really fantastic in my setup (Nagra/Melco/Focal2/Innuos switch). It’s build like a tank and you can upgrade it (SW over the air, or APEX).