Showing (off) your dCS setup - description and photos

It is a nice way to fuel the clock discussion but it is not the right thread here, it would be nice if we keep the current thread to show and watch hifi set up of the forum members…

Why not creating a thread like : Internal vs External clocking ?


good idea Chris. I’d that now.

Yes, @sourav Rossini Apex with the Vivaldi clock. I love it - streets ahead of my previous NAIM ND555/555PSDR streamer.


Huum. Great to know that.

I got a Naim NDX-2 2 yrs back and was very happy with it especially with its flexibility and versatility with streaming sources.

But when I was thinking of upgrading I was wondering whether to spend ~ $30k+ USD on ND555 or directly move to a brand which is more focused on digital music than doing everything. Hence MSB and dCS were my choices. And took finally call for dCS.


After a long period without a quality front-end, I’m pleased to share that I am again a dCS owner! My very simple system is now:

AudioQuest Niagara 3000
Roon Nucleus–>Ethernet
dCS Rossini–>Ethernet
dCS Rossini–>Jadis DA88S
Jadis DA88S–>Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage
SF GH–> : )

I greatly appreciate all that I have learned through this forum!


Replaced ARC with Gryphon electronics and cabling is now all Transparent Audio (XL and Opus on speakers and IC preamp to amps). Now waiting for the Mutec master clock.


Congrats Franco!

Those Gryphon Essence mono blocks are also on my list.


Thanks Erno. I love them and I also recommend the Pandora. Try and audition them if you can.

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I’m going to the Gryphon importer/dealer in a couple of weeks for a ‘Gryphon Open day special’. Yes a pair of Essence monoblocs would be top of my future list I’m thinking of a marriage made in heaven when combined with my current Rossini/Clock and Martin Logan Electrostatics.


Good stuff Brian. I love them. What preamp are you planning to use? If I were you, I would avoid getting directly into the Rossini.

In the short term I would continue with my Chord Ultima Pre 2. I also would need to use a preamp for its ‘bypass mode’ as well as other sonic advanages. Of course a Gryphon may be the ultimate solution. I see there is currently a pair of Essence MonoBlocs available on at an excellent price. (Now the UK has left the EU the price is less attractive, but that’s another story).

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My Bartók with IsoAcoustics ISO-PUCK feet


Now that is just wonderful. Thanks for sharing

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What a wonderful use of the space behind/under the piano :ok_hand:

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Nice set up but it looks like the rack is struggling to hold it all in the picture and sagging in the middle


That looks great. The Wilson speakers look just lovely in that room.

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It is Duncan. I may need to replace it at some point.

Certainly won’t be helping the turntable then.
Wasn’t sure if it was just the way the photo looked.
New rack or even better racks then

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You’re right Duncan. It’s not so bad on the turntable alas not perfect. It was supposed to hold at least 80 kg per shelf but evidently it failed. The name of the brand is Solidsteel ( Big disappointment.

Franco, maybe you have also overloaded it. One Essence monobloc weighs already 45 kilos. Your bottom shelf contains 2 of them, 90 kilos. And it also holds 2 Vivaldi boxes.

Anyway it would be best to not place the class A monoblocs close to each other, because of the generated heat alone.