Should mosaic ‘see’ the DAC?

I just downloaded Mosaic. Great enhancement on the old Vivaldi app.
However, the Vivaldi app also showed the DAC and could switch it’s inputs.
Mosaic only shows the Vivaldi Upsampler but not the DAC nor the Vivaldi clock, although the old app did not show the clock neither.

You should see the Vivaldi DAC inputs by tapping on the input section for the DAC under Settings > Audio. If you aren’t seeing that or the DAC’s filter and mapper settings then you should check the connection of the RS232 cable between the DAC and Upsampler, then power cycle the upsampler.

Thanks. Also noted this as a problem. Ultimately discovered that the setting in the DAC for RS232 was no longer binary. After switching it back and power restarting the Upsampler, Mosaic now displays the DAC details.

You guys win the prize for the first new FAQ topic.

Thanks for reminding me that forgot this one :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tips. Mosaic now controls the Upsampler and Dac correctly.

One more last question: my Vivaldi stack also includes a master clock but not the transport. The stack however came with a rs-232 cable with three plugs labeled: dac, Upsampler and transport. I have plugged the connector labeled transport into the clock anyway.
Mosaic does not see the clock (rs232 to are binary)… There are not so many adjustments to be made to the clock but does that mean Mosaic is not meant to control the clock or should there be another kind of cable after all?

The clock is pretty much a set-and-forget device so there are no provisions for control via Mosaic and there’s no control link between the Upsampler and Clock. This is by design.

Andrew, I assume that as my setup does not include the upsampler ( network Bridge/Vivaldi DAC/Vivaldi clock) that there will be no control of the DAC via Mosaic. Is that correct?

That is correct.