Setting fixed volume

Hi all just after some advice on fixed volume on my Bartok,

I use Roon and have set this as “Fixed volume” I then turned my Hegel H390 volume down low and plugged in my XLR cables, the Bartok is set to 0DB and I then brought up the volume on my Hegel H390 Amp to a desired listening level (around 45 on the amp) have I done this correctly?

Cheers Barry

Hi Barry,

You might want to read this topic on the Roon community:

Thanks for sharing @Ermos

Aside from the settings that you mention (it looks right to me but I am not a Roon user), with dCS DACs you have a third setting to take account of. 0.0db with the DAC’s volume control is not a fixed value. It is the maximum voltage that the DAC outputs but this, in turn, is set by the line level voltage selected. You have a choice of 4 values.

Find one that neither overloads your Hegel’s analogue inputs nor leaves you having to set the amp’s volume control near maximum to have a satisfactory listening level. You may have already found this but I cannot tell from your reference to number 45 on the amp whether this is turned a long way up, a long way down or just right :smile:.

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Hi Pete

Thanks for the message, I have the DAC set to 6V which has the best listening level and currently connected using XLRs

I think thats right :slight_smile: