Setting Bartok volume output to "fixed"

Hello Andrew,
Thinking of adding a pre-amp but do not see any software menu choice for the Bartok, whether using the Bartok or Mosaic apps, that sets its output to “fixed”. I note that ROON has this choice.
So is the front panel volume dial to be set to 0.0 dB and, if so, is this stage is still active in the signal chain?

Bartok User Manual Page 11;

Further to Anupc’s advice, the volume control on all dCS products is not analogue but digital. So it does not have similar potential attributes to a potentiometer that is left in circuit albeit at max output. At 0.0dB the dCS volume control is for all practical considerations effectively out of the circuit. I have been using my dCS and preamp combinations like this for the past 20+ years.

Thank you both for your replies. Digital audio at the level offered with products such as dCS and ROON Rock Servers obligate the listener to come to grips with digital design and technical issues which were once not necessary in the good ole days of analogue…had assumed that the volume control would require a “defeat” feature and happy to hear this is not necessary.
Contrary to the what should be the intuitive choice of a simpler single path, I am currently investigating the addition of a pre-amp in my system so needed to confirm this issue.

I found that the volume control affected the sound quite a bit once you start turning it down. I use mine with my naim 552 and leave it set at 0.0 db
Its a shame that it effects the sound and i guess it must hurt the sound if you are running direct into amp?

That is interesting, I have never noticed any change in sound quality when reducing the output of dCS equipment below 0.0dB either fed into a preamp or directly into power amps.This could , however, occur where the output is reduced to a level where the digital volume control may start to lose resolution audibly (the user guide to my old Paganini DAC said this point occurred at -20.0dB but that, of course, was an earlier series). To be honest, even below that point I didn’t hear any significant degradation ( although the resulting SPL is by then low enough to disguise the fact I would imagine).

Of course the Naim preamp would demand use of the RCA instead of balanced outputs but I doubt that would have much to do with it. Still there must be some reason if that is what you are finding.