Seek help ("no usb input" with bartok)

I connect Aurender ACS 10 to Bartok through USB cable. There is a weird issue I encountered these days.

The Bartok will occasionally stop playing (meanwhile the Aurender will keep playing) and show a message “no USB input” in red font on the screen. I noticed that this happens when it plays a song with a different format and/or bit rate from the last one. Currently, when this happens, I change the USB setting from USB2 to USB1 and then back to USB2. After that, the problem was resolved, temporarily. But when I shut down the system and restart it the next day, this issue will happen again.

Anyone has a clue on that? Thanks!

Usually this would suggest some sort of signalling change occurring on the USB Host port (your ACS10).

Were the ACS10—Bartok pair working perfectly before, or is this a new setup?

Not that this means much perhaps, since it’s apparently a “PARTIAL list”, but curiously dCS is NOT listed on the Aurender’s “Compatible DAC List”.

I have experienced a similar problem with USB with both Paganini and Vivaldi DACs. This was with a Win10 PC using JRiver MC as a source. It was certainly only occasional and. like you, resetting the USB class fixed the issue ( until the next time).

I never solved the issue completely but ceased to be concerned about it when I switched to network connection after purchasing a Network Bridge ( NLA). I am wondering what your particular reason is for using USB when the ACS 10 has 3 network ports available and network connection is always the best connection for dCS products which have this facility?

Noting Anup’s comment about compatibility I was amused when checking the ACS10 user manual to see that in the “Typical System Configuration” graphic the picture of the ACS10 is shown connected to a line drawing of a dCS Paganini DAC :grin:.

Pete, the Aurender doesn’t support network streaming to a DAC, the ACS10 is USB out only - the network ports are designed for connection to content/Servers.

AFAIK, it neither has UPnP Server capability nor Roon endpoint capability. :man_shrugging:t2:

Thanks Anup. Yes, I now see, it has no UPnP/DNLA. It uses some other protocol which enables it to connect to other Aurender boxes.

As @liquan has the same problem I experienced with two generations of dCS DAC and USB connection but with a completely different source it suggests that this may not be an Aurender generated issue. I didn’t necessarily tie the issue to points of data resolution change but that is not to say that it wasn’t , I may have just not noticed the connection. It would be nice to know if others have experienced the same but it may be difficult to find responses as just about everyone here uses network connection.

Yup, according to Aurender;

But, don’t worry about typical network issues that arise with DLNA or UPnP because the Aurender ecosystem doesn’t touch that non-standard standard called UPnP.

Instead, they implement their own proprietary non-standard protocol. :rofl: :joy:

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This issue comes together with the ACS10. But as this is also the first time I use Bartok’s USB, I am not able to tell is that a problem caused by a malfunction or just incomplibility.

It is a relief to see other have similar problems. :sweat_smile:
I do personally prefer the sound quality from USB over network, but I never connect Bartok to Aurender’s network port (instead I connect Bartok to a switch before). Maybe I will give a try to aurender’s network port if that will work.

Personally, I think you should ask Aurender Support directly about compatibility between the ACS10 and dCS Bartok’s USB; [email protected]

I have a suspicion that Aurender’s omission of dCS in the list of compatible USB DACs is not a mistake (especially given, as Pete noticed, so much of their documentation has dCS graphics all over them :wink:).

dCS requires a UPnP Server to stream music locally (or Roon Core). Unfortunately it won’t work if the Aurender doesn’t support a UPnP Server or a Roon Core (or bridge).

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Thank you for the suggestion. That’s a good idea.

Time to buy the optional N20 upgrade.