Searching my Melco N1

Apologies if this has been raised before but I couldn’t find this specific topic.

When I search my Melco (using MinimServer) on my Bartok the results can be rather infuriating.

For instance if I enter ‘Crosby Stills Nash & Young’ it returns that no artist is found

If however I search for ‘Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’ it finds the artist and all 8 albums I have on my Melco.

Surely this is a really basic issue that should have been resolved. The search criteria are too specific.

Can you describe your setup in a bit more detail. I assume you are using the Melco N1 as a Music Server, playing music from its internal storage via USB to the Bartok.
The standard app to use for Melco is either the iOS Melco app or mConnect for Android. MinimServer on the Melco is infinitly customizable. This is how I have configured my MinimServer:

This setup allows you to drill down, if your albums are tagged

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I don’t use the Melco app. I control playback with Mosaic mostly on my iPhone (occasionally on iPad) and I know the file data is correct as I use SongKong to make sure of that. The connection to the Bartok is by Ethernet cable not USB.

This isn’t really either a MinimServer, Melco or Mosaic issue. It relates to your consistency in creating metadata when making files. It seems that you are searching for two different artists as far as computer logic is concerned one with items separated by commas the other not. The MinimServer options referred to by Rudi only affect the items chosen as criteria to search and the order of hierarchy.

Unfortunately where fuzzy logic has been used in search engines to attempt to overcome this it is often not much better then trying different forms of subject spelling or other criteria. So although the full name when searching may cause confusion where spelling is changed, for CSNY albums just entering Crosby in artist search should find them all plus Crosby’s solo albums if you have those.

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Thanks for your reply Pete but in all honesty I can search in any streaming service app for Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young without the commas and it finds them. Why can’t Mosaic behave in the same way and just ignore commas when I search my own database? As a simple user I couldn’t really care less about the technicalities of it. It is surely solvable!

I use the other upnp service on Melco (that one is for free and is SQ wise on par!) I don’t like minnim whatever because of re-scan, metadata etc.

I just checked Qobuz for CSNY. With commas it finds 105 results ,without 85. You can tell by the numbers that it didn’t find exactly the same albums given the small spelling change. Of course most of the results are not genuine CSNY albums.

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@nickghough As Pete said, this is simply a question of how MinimServer (on the Melco) interacts with the metadata you have chosen to apply to your music. Melco comes with MinimServer and Mosaic is designed to be able to interact with MinimServer. Mosaic (and dCS) only read what MinimServer outputs. There is no fuzzy logic at work here.
If you want to do away with the issue you are encountering, I am afraid you will have to use one of two choices:

  • Align your metadata, so it conforms to the search terms you apply
  • Use a different search strategy. The MinimServer config I gave you, allows you to drill down with a few clicks and go to Album Artist / C / to get an alphabetical list of all your album artists starting with C. From there it is a quick scroll to get to Crosby whatever

Unfortunately no amount of “this shoudl be a piece of cake” will make your problem go away.

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Don’t forget that when you search on a streaming service, that service can throw all manner of search resources at your request. Fuzzy or otherwise. When you do it in Mosaic against MinimServer, as well as the creator of MinimServer does his best in coding that search engine, it’s no comparison to the likes of Qobuz, Tidal, Deezer and whatnot.

I find it interesting that some of you who have kindly responded seem to be leaping to the defence of the poor struggling programmer. Undoubtedly the resources available are probably incomparable between say Qobuz and dCS but surely it’s not THAT difficult to have the search engine ignore simple punctuation!?

It is not Mosaic that does the actual database search. It just passes your query to MinimServer, and shows what the latter returns.

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SongKong uses different sources to assign metadata to your music. That is part of the issue youj are seeing. You have no control over what SongKong does and to assume that metadata will be consistent and complete after a SongKong pass is a daring assumption at best. I tried SongKong once with a subset of my library and was left underwhelmed. Different spellings of the same artist etc. I went back to manual tagging using jRiver.

Thanks for your message but that is not the issue. I checked the metadata after running SongKong and it is correct. The issue is a search issue not a metadata issue.

If you see this as a search issue, then logic would dictate that you address it to the developer of the element in your chain that executes the search, which is minimserver. The search request of Mosaic is handled by minimserver and the result is handed back to Mosaic.
Maybe post your issue on the minimserver forum:

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Hi Nick,

Firstly please can I apologise for the delay in replying to your ticket - I have only just returned from Munich and am catching up with the last week of activity on the forums.

When we do any searching on MinimServer from Mosaic we pass the search string to MinimServer and await a list of returns from MinimServer as there is no support within the UPnP specs for searching an entire library - this is an additional function that is provided by MinimServer which is one of the reasons that we recommend it.

As such then this is something that would probably be worth reporting to Simon at MinimServer for his comment.

I’d suggest that it also might be a help to consider in this instance searching for “Crosby” instead of “Crosby, Stills and Nash” as that will then include “Crosby Stills and Nash” and “Crosby, Stills & Nash” as well as “Crosby Stills & Nash” but of course it will also bring up “Bing Crosby” but just modifying the search term can be a very powerful tool - for example I have “Beatles”, “The Beatles” and “Beatles, The” in my collection here so searching for “The Beatles” doesn’t actually give me all my music from the Fab Four…



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