Scarlatti Transport

Am placing order for your reconditioned S. T. can you give me the power requirements for this player please.
Thanks, John

All specs for the Scarlatti Transport are available here:

also, if I am connecting the Scarlatti to a Bartok I need two AES cables and one True 75-ohm BNC compression connectors ? Is that right. And setting the Bartok to master clock mode or auto ?

Can someone please confirm the cable choices for a Scarlatti Transport to Bartok. Am I correct that ideally I need two AES cables and one 75-ohm BNC ? Setting on the Bartok to master clock mode.
Do you recommend a cable length.

Thanks, John

Yes, that’s correct.


Whatever is long enough to connect within your rack. Due to the way that the driver / receiver circuits work there’s really no specific length that’s optimal.

Ok, I appreciate the feedback.