Save My Playlists

Hey Guys - I’ve ordered the new Rossini APEX - I have the Bartok now… Is there a way I can transfer my playlists to the new unit…?

Playlists aren’t saved on the device they are in your software program.

I’m at a loss on how to do that. When I switch devices, like say detergent my Bartok or Rossini, the playlists I created are not there.

same problem
i have post on this subject without any response
i can’t found the way to save the playlists themselves
search are saved in mosaic, but not the playlists
as i have some problems it was a pity, each change i have to do again playlists
has someone a solution for this ?


What software program are you using. I use Roon with 3 different endpoints (not including iPad’s etc) Using Roon my playlists are available on any of those endpoints. That should be no different than swapping out different dCS endpoints.

DCS Mosiac -

I’m waiting on the delivery of my new Rossini Apex and I’m wondering if I can copy my playlists that I’ve created within the Mosiac App…?

…from my Bartok