RS232 connection to a computer

I just received my new Bartók. Let me use this opportunity to compliment dCS for designing such an exceptional product !

I am trying to connect the unit to my computer through RS232 with no success. I tried Windows with Tera Term, attempting to follow the exact steps listed in the Bartók manual, but I don’t seem to get any reply from it. I did the basic steps, configuring the serial port in the unit to “T”, running Tera Term, setting the Baud Rate to 115200 and then typing HELP.

I also tried to use Linux, setting the interface with STTY and accessing with the “screen” command. Again, no response, either to HELP command or other commands listed in the Remote Control Codes manual.

I’m wondering if I got the right USB to RS232 cable. Can you please help me validate my choice ?

I’m using “USB to RS232 Adapter with PL2303 Chipset, CableCreation”. This cable can be seen through this link:

Thank you.

That is the wrong cable configuration. Due to the way the RS232 pinout works you will need a USB to DB9 male cable along with a DB9 F/F gender changer (be sure it’s just a gender changer and not a null modem).

I have a USB to DB9 female cable. The Bartók has a male socket.
If I were to put a DB9 M/M gender changer at the end of the cable, how would I connect the new male termination to the male socket in the unit ?

As things are (cable alone), physical connection is good. However, no reply to serial commands.

Sorry I was having a bout of temporary dyslexia. I’ve modified my original response with the correct info. You need a USB -> DB9 male cable with a F/F gender changer.

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Thank you Andrew, and in case anyone checks this thread, my problem was that female gendered USB to RS232 cables tend to be of the null modem type. So the solution above, using a male cable plus a gender changer provides a combination that is not of a null modem type, which is what is needed. Or else, use a female cable and add a null modem adapter, which reverts the behavior of the null modem cable back to normal.

Everything works now.