Rossini Version 2.01 "Installation Update Failed"

I tried updating my Rossini from 2.00 to 2.01. First doing so via the Android App. Next via a Windows 10 PC browser interface. That too failed.

I then turned off the Rossini and unplugged it. Turning it back-on and after downloading the update via the Chrome browser 192.168.1.XXX interface, this too failed per the attached screen clipping.

BTW, I should add that the Rossini is working quite well with Roon (running a Core on my HTPC). Also, the Rossini is connected directly into a 24-Port switch and that to a Uibquiti USG-Pro-4 Router and my personally-owned Motorola modem.


Try switching the unit off using the back panel switch, wait 10 seconds, then power it back on. Try the update again and be sure that you don’t double-click or double-tap on the update button.

Cant seem to find any info on the 2.01 update, so what is the 2.01 update?
I have just done it, all working fine, i am glad to say


Thanks, just had a noisy.

Sorry for the delayed response Andrew.

I did as you said and switched the unit off using the back panel switch and waited 10-seconds. I started the update process. After some time, a Power Down (or something similar) message appeared on the front screen. The front panel power button didn’t respond. So I again powered down using the back panel switch & waited 10-seconds. The following message was received:

Regardless of the error message, the Rossini appears to have been updated. Clicking the “Check For Update” results in “No Update Available”. Plus, the “dCS Rossini DAC” Configure/Preference" App shows the “Front Panel” and “Control Board” versions at 2.01. Thus, it does appear that all went well. Do you concur?

All went as expected. Once the unit is updated it displays a message on the front panel stating “PLEASE RESTART” and that process has to be done with the rear panel switch. As long as you’re showing 2.01 as the main board version you’re done.

The error message in the web interface is unavoidable in these scenarios, but nothing to be concerned about.

:ok_hand:Thanks Andrew… -Mike